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Editor’s Note: Santa Ana Council Member Carlos Bustamante has been arrested on multiple felony charges.  We are taking this opportunity to bring back a post featuring exclusive emails from one of his alleged lovers.

Carlos Bustamante, an executive manager with the county’s Public Works department and a Santa Ana city councilman, has been placed on paid administrative leave from his county job, the county’s Human Resources director confirmed Thursday.  The leave was imposed after the county received an anonymous letter last month detailing allegations of a sexual nature against Bustamante, an executive manager overseeing Public Works’ Facilities and Fleet Services divisions, according to the O.C. Register.

I have known about this since May 19, 2009, when I first started to receive emails from an anonymous lady who claimed that she was having an affair with Bustamante.  In her emails, which continued through March of this year, she outlined everything that had gone on between her and Bustamante.

I held on to the information because I did not want to wreck Bustamante’s family – but now the cat is out of the bag.  If the allegations are true there is little doubt that he will be fired from his County of Orange management job, where he earns $178,277.  And I suspect he will have to also resign, in shame, from the Santa Ana City Council.  If this alleged behavior isn’t a violation of the City of Santa Ana’s Code of Ethics, I don’t know what else would be!

Here are a few excerpts from the emails I received from Bustamante’s alleged lover – I am not releasing her name, email address or the full content of the emails, out of respect for her:

  • May 19, 2009: This is your lucky day.  I have dirt that you would love, love, love on one of your nemesis.  This is scandal stuff.  Let’s just say, things are not what they seem for one superficial family in Santa Ana.  That’s all it is for this certain family.  Just “on the surface” show.
  • May 19, 2009:  Trust me, I would love to see this woman’s face when she finds out. I’d like to say it would send her packing back to the barrio where she came from, but I think with a divorce, she may make out like a bandit!
  • May 19, 2009:  I have this idea that a certain “someone” in your local gov’t has affairs, but gives his wife high end gifts, just to throw her off his cheating ways.  Like I think she thinks, if he gives me these high end items, then he must really be “loving” and f*cking me and just me.
  • May 19, 2009:  Well, that’s nothing.  I’ve got real dirt!!!!!!!!!!!  Messing w/ladies at work?  There’s a difference between messing and flirting.  What is it w/these boys?  Ever notice how they cover for each other and there’s nepotism going on.  What’s that about?
  • May 21, 2009: Personally, I don’t think any Bustamante should hold any kind of civic position in SA.  They have no ethics, they’re only in life for themselves and their ego.  They don’t care who they hurt.  It really isn’t about the public good.  One of them admitted it’s a SELF thing.  All about his SELF.
  • May 21, 2009: Do you think if the citizens of SA knew about their lack of character they would still trust them in office?
  • May 21, 2009: Yes, the Bustamantes are all elitists!  So, I’m surprised that the boys married girls from the “barrio”.  Meaning, I would think they would marry girls from a little more higher class, if you know what I mean.
  • May 21, 2009: One of these “B” brothers told me that he and his wife needed each other because they have little kids at home.  Not because they love each other from the depths of their soul or heart, but because they have little kids at home.  Yet admits he’d like to continue and affair.  I’m so sick to my stomach.  What a sham….and that’s the kind of people you have helping to govern SA!
  • May 21, 2009: Like I said Art, I am not proud of myself, so I am not excusing myself, but one day we were making out in public, I wish there was someone there to shoot a picture and mail it to his wife!
  • May 21, 2009: This is just my opinion Art, but I don’t think making a bra joke is what makes Carlos unethical, I mean it’s such a guy thing to say those kind of things….big deal!  What I find despicable about that family is they vote on issues for their own gain.  Like, didn’t they vote for an issue for a big developer over there, and then bought real estate from the same guy?  Lack of ethics!
  • May 22, 2009: Art, help me get into the minds of men, I know many types of men do it, but there seems to be a prevalence with Latino men, but how can a man say I love my wife, but I still want to have this affair?  And it’s an affair that’s been going on for a year.  I don’t get it.  I can understand a man telling me, I’m not that into my wife anymore, or the spark is gone with us, or she doesn’t give me attention anymore, so I have an affair, but I don’t understand how a man can say, I love my wife, yet I’ve been having an affair that’s been going on for over a year.
  • May 26, 2009: Art, hope you had a fun holiday.  I just spoke with the “B” I’m horsing around with. He told me he’s shaking in his boots because he’s afraid I might tell someone.
  • May 27, 2009: He feels fear, that’s what he tells me, so that’s for certain!  But I don’t think he feels guilt. He’d feel guilt, but only if he’s caught, so I don’t think guilt would be a genuine feeling for him at this time.
  • June 2, 2009: You know my fantasy Art?  My fantasy is to have someone photograph me and “B” and have the pictures sent to his wife at home….then I would kill to be a fly on the wall when she sees those photos.
  • June 4, 2009: I did tell one friend who knows his name and knows mine (of course) that I have a extramarital involvement with him.  And I told her if anything happens to me, point the finger at him.  The “B”s are like wolf in sheep’s clothing.  They can be charming, and they look harmless, but there is no conscience there….or they put their conscience to an area way back in their psyche.  That’s what makes them dangerous….they’re in it for themselves!  You know, before I met him, I was told my several people he’s all about himself….now I know what they mean!
  • Sep. 27, 2009: I thought of writing a letter, but I thought, what if she just thinks “someone is making it up because they don’t want to see us happy and they’re jealous.” Maybe I can describe what he likes sexually…maybe then she’ll believe it…what do U think?
  • Sep. 30, 2009:  Things are awkward with The Pig and me since I threatened to tell his wife. What a joke. The word wife when it comes to him….I mean, what really is a wife? Someone to cheat on?
  • Sep. 30, 2009: I told one of my friends about my affair with him and his name just in case something happens to me. That’s why I think I should meet you sometime, in case something happens to me, someone will know who to go after or point the finger at.
  • Oct. 9, 2009: However, if I was the wife of a pig, I would want to know. I also think there are others he’s intimate with at this time. I don’t put it past him. He seems to validate himself by his conquests. That’s the message I get from him.
  • Jan. 7, 2010: He asked me yesterday, “Do you just want to see me divorced?” I said I don’t care what happens to you or your family or your kids!” honestly though yes, I’d like to see him divorced because I don’t care about the pain they would go through. He doesn’t seem to care about my pain!
  • Oct. 1, 2010: One thing I’ve discovered is because of their parents, their father was a “dog” and their mom wasn’t nurturing at all, those two twins don’t really know how to love. How sad, honestly!
  • Oct. 8, 2010: It’s driving him nuts alright! Now he’s blaming me. He said if I tell his wife and he gets divorced, his kids will come from a broken home and if I do that to his kids he’ll never forgive me. Art, tell me one thing. Why doesn’t he ever say, “I’ve done this to my kids. I had an affair for two years?”
  • March 7, 2011: Btw, even “the pig’s” own close friend tells me he’s mucked up. Both of the twins. When I say he’s a sociopath, the friend even agrees. Sad that they’re in office. The twins compete against each other, you know. It’s like they attempt to have status because their mother’s set them up to compete against each other. How warped! They don’t care about the betterment of of others. They just want to be in the limelight, to prove they are something to their mom and everybody else.  Those boys parents are mucked up!!!!! Which is why the boys are mucked up and deviant and can look like angels in front of people, but I know what they’re like behind closed doors. I know first hand!

Clearly, Bustamante needs to resign from the Santa Ana City Council – and if all of these allegations are true he needs to apologize to his family and to the lady he allegedly messed with for so long.

Supervisor Janet Nguyen endorsed her fellow Republican, Carlos Bustamante, in 2008

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42 thoughts on “Exclusive: Emails from one of Bustamante’s alleged lovers”
  1. He’s fu*ked.

    She’s a mess.

    And you Mr. Pedroza are the defintion of humility for keeping this under wraps. Don’t ever let anyone pitch you any bullshit about testicular fortitude, those are comments from dickless wannabee’s.

  2. I find it difficult to believe that the County would give any credence to an anonymous letter writer. There must be more to it than just that.

  3. The question we should be asking is what did Asst. OC CEO Rob Richardson know about this and when did he know it?

    Richardson is Bustamante’s sugar daddy at the county and has probably done all he can to cover up this mess.

    Like Carlos, the raise given to Richardson is under investigation by auditors too.

    The county needs to expand the investigation to see how far the cancer has gone. Me thinks Richardson is in trouble too.

  4. Hey there Tardif! Weren’t you and the rest of the dumbf*cks you pal around with just touting Carlos Bustamante for being so ethical?

    How’s that working out for you now buddy boy?

    Looks like your boy is f*cked! I hope you were wearing your Depends when you heard about poor Carlito. This is one more seat that the good guys are gonna own on the dais.

  5. I wonder if Benavides will be posing for any more pictures with Carlos after today?

    When Carlos is gone who will David turn to?

    Looks like you’re all alone now David…Not too smart alligning yourself with Carlos was it?

  6. My beloved city is so pathetic. We deserve so much better. Where are the real leaders?? Come out, come out wherever you are!

  7. This is not about any sex or banging.

    It is not County’s business to investigate who bangs whom.

    There is a criminal element and County is investigating if it should bring in the DA.

    Usual criminality in sex triangle are threats, extortion, blackmail, rape sex with minor and angry parents.

    I think that Art’s letters are just one of many fairly benign affairs although a fear of death is mentioned.

    If my sources are real we are in for a big surprise.

  8. Tom Daly is having an affair with Ana Hutchinson and the County hasnt done an investigation on him. She told me she is afraid to lose her job. She told me he always ask her to go in his office and she is afraid to say no. Ana said that Renee Ramirez had an affair with Tom Daly a few years ago when
    Tom Daly wife was pregnant. She told me that he flirts with a few more girls at the office.

    The County should investigate Tom Daly but I was told that Rob Richardson is Tom Daly good friend and he protects him.

    Remember the run down building that Tom Daly purchased for 2.1 million dollars with taxpayers money and the building has been sitting empty for over 3 years. Well Rob Richardson wrote that memo for Maulk to say that the building was a good purchase for the County.

    I heard that Rob Richardson was protecting Tom Daly. Its sad that the Board of Supervisors is afraid to go after this guy just because he is elected. John Moorlach is such a wimp who is afraid of Tom Daly. John step it up and go after Tom Daly.

    Let me help you out:

    1. Audit his 12D funds make sure we audit from when he took office and ask for every transfer,receipt and how the money was spent.

    2. Extra help look at the past 5 years. The number of recordings Is low.

    3. Tom Daly gave Renee Ramirez almost a 50% raise the past 4 years while no managers or employees has received no raises. I have proof .

    4. Look at the purchasing audit report that was done in 2009.

    5. Renee Ramirez purchase flowers for the old court for marriage department from her friend. This cost the County over $1000 dollar per month.

    1. You are missing the point. If the ladies worked for him you could argue that they felt they HAD to give in to his advances. Look up quid pro quo. This is why managers aren’t allowed to date their employees. It looks bad and it can be illegal. The argument is – did they feel they could reject him? He is toast.

    1. LOL! I was pretty happy with the hits on my earthquake post today – but the Bustamante story tripled those hits in a few hours. It should blow up tomorrow. I am already getting emails from news organizations that are interested in the emails…

  9. I have to hand it to you Art.

    Regardless of your big minuses you have one big plus and I do not know how you are able to do that.

    You [can] keep a secret.

    I remember when I told you in 2004 that I am going to jail during my mayoral campaign and you have never told anyone until I have admit it publicly and I did not even asked you to keep it a secret….. that is good.

    Now work on you minuses.

  10. You have to love old man Tardif trying to downplay this whole thing.

    Hey Gramps, way to ignore the incriminating emails referenced above.

    Bustamante is toast and his seat will be filled by someone you don’t like. LOL!!!

  11. I took Wharf Rat (my daughters dog, who is staying with us this week) for a walk around the block last night. I was hoping to see Adriana, throwing the wedding dress out on the street and Tia picking up the kids, but no such excitement.

    But, one neighbor made a joke about Carlos getting in the paper for a different reason. Apparently he had bragged about going to the Bachman event and getting lot’s of “art”, “no publicity is bad publicity” he reportedly said.

    I think this publicity is BAD for a married father, but normalk for a GOP hypocrite.

    I still want to see the wedding dress in the driveway!

  12. “You have to love old man Tardif trying to downplay this whole thing. Hey Gramps, way to ignore the incriminating emails referenced above.”

    Innocent until proven guilty – remember that. So far it is all anonymous allegations. Show me the facts. And don’t forget that Tardif was campaign manager for Art Pedroza’s failed run against Bustamante in 2008 council race.

  13. “Only in the court of law! Not applicable in public eye and opinion!”

    Some of us have higher personal standards Fiala.

  14. I guess it time for Claudia and Michelle to call for an ethics violation on Moral Turpitude. That is why carlos glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

  15. Ha! Ha! Ha! Little Napolean (Bustamante) must have pissed off someone at the county to put much weight on an anonymous letter. The problem is that he doesn’t have a 12d fund like pastee ass Tom Daly to cover for his sins. For every f up Daly has, I’m sure there is a generous transfer of 12d funds to the County general fund as hush money to the County. Daly is just a big pervert as Buttheadamante. Who in their right minds, especially an elected official, has 2 hour meetings with a young, single woman (women)behind closed doors? Are you really that stupid to think that no one would notice. Specially when those visits lead to promotions for the young lady, jobs for friends or placements in easy jobs. Daly must be a humanitarian. He is a jackass and he approaches these women like a wolf looking at defenseless little chickens. The funny thing is, he always has these office rendevouz when his not-smarter- than-a-5th-grader Assistant Renee Ramirez is out of the office. Perhaps to fend of any jealous rages. Well when these asses last expect it, the hammer always falls on them and fast. Debbie you need to leave Tommy boy soon before you are too old be someone elses trophy wife.

  16. Vern,

    Politicians are by a design alpha males!

    On tapes made by former First Lady Jackie Kennedy Onassis with historian Arthur Schlesinger, she claims Herbert Hoover told her that Martin Luther King arranged an orgy at a hotel in Washington, D.C. while in town for the historic March On Washington. Onassis says on tape that President Kennedy urged her not to be judgemental about it.

    Same as Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream, I have seen on the internet that you too have a dream and are using your political influence to solicit a beer.

    Keep dreaming Vern Nelson!

    One day you make good politician like Carlos and rest of us.

  17. Admin,

    I really don’t see how going after a man’s family is the same as going after him. If he has committed illegal or unethical acts go after him! To bring his personal life into it by posting these “anonomous emails” I believe does a disservice to your readers and the conversation in general.

    This alleged “female” definately has an ax to grind and we have no idea of her credibility or mental stability. To post these types of comments regarding his family crosses the line. I only ask that you examine what your doing because at the end of the day you have not really informed us of anything by displaying these “accusations”, they are simply just that.

    Even if these allegations are true, posting them has done nothing to remove him from office or his job, all it has done is diminish the credibility of your sources and brought sympathy at least from this reader, who is not even a supporter of Bustamante. There are certain things that should be off limits, and apparently the discourse among you and others in the city (from which ever side of politics)has reached a state of SIMPLY PITIFUL.


    1. I spoke to her twice. Carlos caused her a lot of grief, allegedly. I too am sorry to see his family dragged into this. Was any of this worth it?

  18. Bustamante has no one to blame but himself for the mess he’s created for himself. What a Pendejo!

  19. And as she says ” it prevalent with Latino men”. Thats because my dear, latino women, especially mexican women, seem to not know that giving it up early and without a ring is not a good idea. There is more problems in Santa Ana, than one latino man, who can’t keep his penis in his pants!

    I think that is why in Mexico City, they now have a two year contract to annul the marriage. Santa Ana is not screwed, this whole society is screwed. Just like corrupt, Mexico!


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