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The Santa Ana City Clerk, Mary Huizar, sent me the Santa Ana Council and Mayoral candidates’ new campaign finance reports today.  You can read them all by clicking here.   The reports are a heck of a read – for one thing it looks like Ward 3 candidate Eric Alderete raised more money than all of the other candidates.

Here is a rundown of the reports’ highlights:

  • Mayoral challenger David Benavides received $28,624.95 in contributions.  He also reported $18,000 in loans, for a total of $46,624.95 in contributions.  Benavides reported just under $37K cash on hand.  Have a look at his contributors – a veritable Who’s Who of Usual Suspects and folks who have had it in for Mayor Miguel Pulido for awhile.
  • Mayor Pulido reported $19,949 in contributions.  There is a lot more on the way but his big fundraiser was on Oct. 4 and the checks have not come in yet.  Doubtless the Benavides crew will tout the advantage their guy has, but it won’t last long.  Pulido’s campaign reported over $9K in cash on hand.
  • Ward 3 candidate Eric Alderete reported over $50K in contributions.  He has over $55K cash on hand and $20K in outstanding debt.
  • Ward 3 candidate Brett Franklin, a former Council Member, reported $18,545 in contributions.  He also reported $42K in loans.  He has over $28K cash on hand.
  • Ward 3 candidate Charles Hart reported only $2,325 in contributions, and $3,500 in loans.  He has only $310.24 cash on hand.
  • Ward 5 candidate Karina Onofre reported total contributions of $34K, which included loans of $31K.  She has an ending cash balance of over $28K.
  • Onofre’s opponent, Roman Reyna, reported only $11K in contributions including $3,000 in loans.  He has only $2,825 cash on hand.  He was not however the least successful of the Benavides cartel, in raising money for his campaign, in this filing period.  That record belongs to Council Member Vince Sarmiento, who is running again in Ward 1.
  • Sarmiento reported only $1,650 in contributions, with massive loans of $50K.  His year to date contributions are $15K.  Sarmiento has $62K cash on hand, but remember that his opponent isn’t even raising money or campaigning.  He did however send out a ridiculous four page glossy mailer the other day.  Cha ching!
None of the other candidates reported raising any money.


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12 thoughts on “A look at the Santa Ana Council candidates campaign finance reports”
  1. Just tell us who the big money bags are Admin,
    not the mystery house wives. Unless of course the Money Bags like to hide behind those desperate house wives looking to have their pot holes fixed for $500.00

  2. This proves to be an interesting read. I have not accepted any political donations, and I am funding my own campaign. I just reviewed the contribution lists for two of my Ward 3 competitors, Brett Franklin and Eric Alderete and found some interesting results.

    For Brett, of the $18,545 that he has received in contributions, only $8,300 (45%) came from Santa Ana residents / businesses. Not bad, but it would be nice if the percentage was a little higher.

    For Eric, of the $50,962 that he has received in contributions, only $7,344 (14%) came from Santa Ana residents / businesses. $1,249 of that total came from the police department, so if you take that out, the percentage drops down to 12%. Red flag alert, this campaign is no where near being funded locally, and those numbers speak volumes.

    That is a lot of outside influence / money coming into the city for a local city council campaign.

    Visit my facebook and webpage for more information about my campaign,

    1. No kidding. What interest has the Assistant Attorney General of Illinois? And all the other attorney’s? Alderete has a nice little cabal of lawyers funding his campaign. Lawyers are disgusting.

  3. Those house wives of floral park use to want to come down to my gallery and shut the door and smoke weed!!!
    And I was like NOOOOOOO!
    I was like, the SAPD are going to come down any second and bust my busy ness.
    And they were like just relax Mateo, just relax.
    And I was like NOOOOOOO!
    You rich housewifes of floral park can get away with this stuff because you probably buy the SAPD and the council, but I am not a part of that cabal.
    I am not quite “in there”.
    Know what I mean?
    Nice ladies though, fun loving, like to have their ladies nights away from the husbands, little too privileged and out of touch for my personal taste. Alderete is going to have his hands full.

  4. Officer Barrows.
    When the Floral Park babes give all their money to Alderete instead of you. Please don’t blame it on the Bower’s Folks. different crowd, same neighborhood.

  5. Looks like Ms. Onofre is in to win.
    Roman better find at least 20 more rich CEO’s of Non-Profits like America Bracho of Latino Health Access to give him $500 each like she did. (I wonder what she pays her Promotores?)

  6. I guess it was Benavides that got the cool $500 from Latino Health Access CEO America Bracho but I’m sure Reyna’s check from her is in the mail!

  7. “America Bracho of Latino Health Access to give him $500 each like she did. (I wonder what she pays her Promotores?)”

    The payment is invaluable……………SELF EMPOWERMENT!!!!!

  8. I believe KARINA ONOFRE will WIN.. She is Smart, Charismatic and well liked by the people. VOTE KARINA ONOFRE for City Council and Cecilia “Ceci” IGLESIAS for School Board. These two Latina Women will make positive changes for all of Santa Ana.

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