Fri. Mar 31st, 2023

Santa Ana code enforcement officer Sergio Verino has dropped out of the race for the SAUSD School Board.  Remaining candidates include the two incumbents, Jose A. Hernandez and Rob Richardson, and challengers Valerie Amezcua, Cecilia Iglesias and new candidate Myriam Tinajero (sister of Council Member Sal Tinajero).

None of these candidates are teachers.  Amezcua works in probation and Tinajero is a social workers.  I am told that their campaigns will be run by SAUSD Trustee John Palacio.  He supported Trustee Audrey Noji two years ago and was allied with recalled SAUSD Trustee Nativo Lopez.

The deadline to file has been extended to Monday as one incumbent, Roman Reyna, is not running.

I am going to celebrate my 45th birthday this weekend and will make my decision to run on Monday.  If I do run I expect to be the only teacher on the ballot.  I already have a website up and a campaign Facebook page.

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8 thoughts on “Update: Verino drops out of the SAUSD School Board race”
  1. Art,

    The K-12 students of Santa Ana needs you Art. You need to end corruption at both the DO and School Sites. There are too many FAT Pigs with extreme high salaries. You don’t need two Asst. Superintendents in HR. Also, High School Principals are like politicians, they say one thing and have a complete different view the next day. They also play favorites (The old boy network). For example, the female Principal from Carr left to Godinez, why??? Let me guess, because she doesn’t like to work rather enjoys intimidating teachers/staff. Everyone knows that Godinez runs itself, you know, like auto pilot. A Female AP left last school year from Carr because of stress related, well, we can blame the leadership. The new Godinez Principal coming from Carr has once again dragged her two female counselors with her pushing out current counselors at Godinez…this practice needs to stop and the district needs to stop hiring temp contract workers and releasing them so they can find cheaper labor and releasing those too. It’s a revolving door, hire a temp. contract employee one year and let them go to hire the next and repeat the cycle… you get the picture. The people need you and they need change. SHAME ON THE NEW SUPERINTENDENT FOR NOT OPENING THE WINDOW BLINDS!!!!

    1. So sad that so little has changed even with the new Superintendent. School bureaucracies are deeply entrenched. They won’t like having me around if I get elected because I will bring all of this corruption to light, guaranteed!

        1. Former SAUSD – if you’re referring to me – not in the least! Obviously the truth hurt him since he deleted his post. I don’t know who Stanley is , but his grammar is horrible, his posts are not substantive and it’s quite annoying how he always write “hmmmmm”.

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