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Rob Cook and I were able to file our argument against the latest flawed Santa Ana term limits measure today and were joined by Becky Valencia Verdin, who also signed the argument.

You may recall that our illustrious City Council gave us a horrible term limits measure a few years ago, Measure D, which actually extended term limits by four more years, for the City Council.

Cook and I agree that term limits are ridiculous.  They are an abridgment of voter’s rights.  Here is the argument we submitted today, with five minutes to spare:

Argument Against Measure __ (Mayoral Term Limits)

Once again Santa Ana’s voters are being asked to vote for a flawed term limit measure.

The last time this happened, with Measure D, the Santa Ana City Council extended their term limits to three four-year terms, or 12 years.

Now, for the first time in the city’s 143 year history, we are being asked to also consider Mayoral term limits, a permanent change to our City Charter.

The measure’s proponents, however, are asking us to limit the Mayor to only 8 years in office, while allowing the Council Members to serve 12 years.

Creating a different term limit for the Mayor versus the one for City Council makes absolutely no sense. It devalues and weakens the Mayor position and is simply unfair.

If the city is going to impose term limits on our Mayor, shouldn’t they be for the same length of time as that for the City Council?

With over 320,000 residents, Santa Ana is the 11th largest city in the state of California, is the business hub of Orange County, and our County seat. It is a diverse city with many unique and special challenges. Its residents and business community need and deserve, a strong and experienced Mayor to provide able management.

Decreasing the power of the Mayor’s office through this term limit initiative will also only serve to increase the influence of City Hall bureaucrats, special interest insiders, and lobbyists, at our taxpayer

Do we really want to add an unfair and poorly thought out permanent amendment to our existing City Charter?

Don’t be fooled by this misguided and unfair effort against our City.

Retain your right to choose your own Mayor.

Please join us in voting No on this measure.

Submitted by:

Arturo “Art” Pedroza

Rob Cook

Becky Valencia Verdin

By Editor

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5 thoughts on “Update: Revised argument against the Santa Ana term limits accepted”
  1. It will be tuff to convince the average voter to protect voting rights and not to cut off an arm or leg to punish an office holder for being successful.

  2. Obviously you and Cook will fail same as you did in measure “D” because you are failing to show constitutional principles which are based on freedom of choice and the individualism.

    I do not understand why are you writing these oppositions if you can’t properly articulate them?

    Perhaps it is your ability to spell your failing crapola better than I would.


    Oh’, I forgot that your culture does not recognize the USA constitution and the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo (Tratado de Guadalupe Hidalgo).

  3. Stanley, if the measure prevails then we lose another piece of our voting rights, if it doesn’t get 50 percent plus 1 vote, then the current status quo is retained.

    Maybe someday we will get to vote on the elimination of term limits here in Santa Ana and restore full voting rights to us voters.

    The voter’s right to vote for the candidate of their choice to represent them in public office.

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