Sun. May 26th, 2024

Santa Ana Ward 3 candidate Eric Alderete’s campaign held a fundraiser tonight at Chapter One: the Modern Local, in Downtown Santa Ana.  There were at least 80 attendees including quite a few elected and appointed officials.  These included:

  • State Senator Lou Correa
  • Santa Ana Council Members Sal Tinajero, Vince Sarmiento, Michele Martinez and David Benavides (who came to the event by himself)
  • Rancho Santiago Community College District Trustees Mark McLoughlin, Larry Labrado and John Hanna
  • Santa Ana Planning Commissioners Sean Mill, Sandy Nalle, Patrick Yrarrazaval and Mario Turner
  • Santa Ana Personnel Board Commissioner Isabel Rivera
  • MWD Board Member Brett Barbre
  • Santa Ana Parks and Rec Commissioner Ken Nguyen (who is also a candidate for the Rancho Santiago Community College District, in Area 3)
  • Former Santa Ana Council Member Mike Garcia
  • OC Labor attorney Florice Hoffman
  • Santa Ana Community Redevelopment Commissioner Desi Reyes
  • Santa Ana Human Relations Commissioner and OC Vector Control Board Member Cecilia Aguinaga
  • Santa Ana college student leader Alex Flores

The room was packed and very loud but I did overhear Benavides getting chewed out by quite a few attendees who asked him to pull out of the Santa Ana Mayor’s race.  It had to be uncomfortable for him.  The filing deadline is tomorrow.  I am certain that either Benavides or Tinajero will pull out.  There is no way that both will stay in to challenge Mayor Miguel Pulido.

Tinajero served as the event’s Master of Ceremonies.  He urged the crowd to donate to Alderete.  After he spoke, his colleague, Sarmiento, took the microphone.  He spoke about how he and Alderete went to UC Berkeley and graduated from the same law school. 

Then Alderete got up and told his story.  He grew up in Los Angeles under the tutelage of his tough but loving father who taught Alderete what it means to be a progressive.  His father also instilled in him the drive to finish law school and the heart to stand up for his fellow Latinos.  Alderete noted that his father led their family in boycotting grapes, in solidarity with the United Farm Workers and Cesar Chavez.

It seemed like a successful night for Alderete.  He is in a crowded race for Ward 3 but is off to a good start.

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15 thoughts on “Alderete’s fundraiser attracted many of Santa Ana’s political players”
  1. “Alderete noted that his father led their family in boycotting grapes, in solidarity with the United Farm Workers and Cesar Chavez”……. Hmmmmmm

    Causing to end of the Bracero Program and creating the Mexican underclass.

    It is clear that Alderete is another pro union Mexican National Socialist.

    Kiss good buy Santa Ana economic recovery for independent small businesses and welcome unionized tyranny.

    However, I believe that you can’t get any better from any Mexican candidate.

    Now these Mexican Nazis forcing Anaheim to follow Santa Ana disaster!

  2. 1) Fiala, you can shut up now and go to sleep with Bohemian Pilsner Belly.
    2) You Admin, like to give everybody conspicuous props except for your secret Latina super star that you photographed in the third picture. Do you think she belongs to you? Think again Homeboy. She belongs to the Artists.
    3) David, do not look so depressed. And do not listen to the Nay-Sayers!
    Will we vote for you?
    maybe not.
    but if you drop out now, you will go down in history as just one more confused Wannabe Pussy Galore Politico.
    So Shift those cajones to the left and finish what you started.

  3. Benavides and Alderete joined us at the After Party. They had to hide behind ski masks just so Admin would not display sneaky photos of the again.

    1. “Fiala, you can shut up now and go to sleep with Bohemian Pilsner Belly”……. Hmmmmmmmm

      Do you sill have both ears, TEO?

      But, I like how effectively have you adopted my “bumper YouTube” artistic concept.

      As to “sneaky photos” I like them!

      To bad that Admin was not sneaking into Bustamante’s office….. or was he?

      Photos please!

  4. As long as both Tinajero and Benavides support our Progressive, Latino, candidates then I think they should stay strong and run together to help beat Pulido. They may be two sides of the same coin but we need both heads and tails to stay in power. Maybe if one gets first place and they other second, they can name him Vice-Mayor. You are the only news outlet covering this race New Santa Ana and the people of Santa Ana are grateful.

    1. “Progressive, Latino, candidates”……. Hmmmmmmmm

      In other wards Mexican National Socialists (Nazi)

      Mexicans (Latinos) mus be defeated in order to restate prosperity in the Santa Ana.

      Please visit Tijuana sometime to see what you are wishing for Sharon.

  5. Expect more marijuana shops here in Santa Ana this guy totally supports the clinics
    This city puts sports and recreation fun aside …..think twice before voting for him

  6. “…loving father who taught Alderete what it means to be a progressive”

    This blog rocks!
    Art…what is a “progressive”? I hear the term used a lot but have no idea what it means? How would you translate the word into Spanish?

  7. Benavides have an opportunity to win against Pulido but he failed to take my free advise so he will fail in polling boxes too.

    Same like Martinez, Benavides is another Mexican who thinks that he is smarter than I.

  8. Since you are Art running for SAUSD, I have my own quiz for you.

    In about 2002, I have took my daughter from the SAUSD system to Huntington Beach Edison based on the McFadden’s HS principal’s answer to my following demand: “Please make sure that I will be notified eminently when my daughter’s grades point to her “C” grade on the finals”

    What was her answer?…….

  9. “Progressive is synonymous with liberal.”

    thanks but what does that mean in terms of the issues?
    Could he end up being or next Congressman when Ms. Sanchez retires many years from now?

    1. I should add,

      The “progressive” is an acronym as used in the politics.

      Any progress in the physical world means to tear down any obstacle to go forward.

      So in the politic it means most radical social changes where masses suffer to achieve higher goals.

      It is like 100 people climbing Mount Everest and only 10 will make it to the top means a progress.

      High taxation is a progress.

      Put people on welfare is progress because people do not starve.

      Environmental fascism is a progress because life is mor like Mormons.

      In essence, it is ultra radical movement which achieves its objective by way of a force and oppression.

      However, the public takes this acronym literally which sounds better than ultra left, socialist, bolshevik, communist and Nazi.

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