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Alex Flores, Unum Owner

Unum Sunglasses Celebrates First Year By Giving Back To The Community

Company contributes portion of sales to Santa Ana Wrestling team

January 10, 2015 (Santa Ana, CA) – Unum Sunglasses is celebrating its first anniversary with the accomplishment of its goal to give back a portion of its sales to the community.

The company behind the Aviator and Wayfarer sunglasses recently donated $1,500 to the Santa Ana Athletic Foundation that will help support the students on the Santa Ana Wrestling Team. The donation is part of Unum’s goal to foster a new generation of leaders who understand the power of community engagement.

santa ana wrestling
Santa Ana Wrestling


“We had a great first year and that success is due in part to the support of the community. Having benefited personally as an athlete, I know first-hand how the team can empower students in their future. As the company grows, giving back is something Unum will continue to do. We are excited for 2015 and look forward to our continued growth as a company,” says Alex Flores, Unum Founder.

As part of its mission to give back, Unum will contribute a portion of sales back to their community. The scholarship opportunity recognizes outstanding community leadership in young people and students who dedicate their time to community service efforts to help them reach their goals.

“The generous support of individuals like you makes it possible for our organization to exist and to make the community a great place to live. Your gift has been used in the effort to further enhance the lives of at-risk youth in Orange County.” says Santa Ana Wrestling Coach Scott Glabb.

About Unum Sunglasses

Unum Sunglasses launched in 2013, offering a universal line of fashionable eyewear in a range of bold colors. The Aviator and Wayfarer collections each feature their own unique, stylish appeal, with varying levels of protection from the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays. Since the launch, Unum has added new styles and colors to their collection, offering customers more choices for the fashionable accessory.

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One thought on “Unum Sunglasses finishes 1st year by donating to Santa Ana Wrestling team”
  1. As a sometime critic of Alex Flores, I must commend him for this.

    Not only is it a worthy program, a bright spot for otherwise blighted SAHS, it creates good men.

    I might just decide to put my money where my mouth is and donate something myself.

    YOU STILL NEED TO GRADUATE FROM COLLEGE AND GET A JOB ALEX, We don’t need a councilmember in 2018 whose greatest claims to fame is his intern work for Lorretta Sanchez and Michele Martinez and failing to elect Solorio and Correa!

    Thanks though, this was a good move.

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