Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023

The Resolutions Committee of the Democratic Party of Orange County passed a resolution calling on Santa Ana to restore approval for the Orange County Needle Exchange Program (OCNEP) back in February of this year. And now the Democrats are backing only the Santa Ana City Council candidates who are promoting passing out drug needles in our community.

The City Council candidates who have said, on the record, that they support passing out drug needles in Santa Ana, include Roman Reyna, Ward 4; Nelida Mendoza, Ward 6 and Paul Gonzales, Ward 2. Of those Mendoza and Gonzales are endorsed by the Democratic Party of Orange County – even though there are other Democrats running for the wards in question. (They would have backed Reyna too but he screwed up so much while he was trying to carpetbag in Ward 4 that the Democrats had to take a hard pass).

The Drug Needle Mobile

You will be hard pressed to find ten people in Santa Ana who want to pass out drug needles in our city – particularly after 4,000 needles were found at the Santa Ana Riverbed and needles keep turning up in our parks and school lawns.

Shame on the Democratic Party and their allies for trying to ruin Santa Ana! This is the same Democratic Party that did not back Lou Correa or Loretta Sanchez the first time they each ran for office in Santa Ana. This is the same Democratic Party that closed their office in Santa Ana and moved to Orange. And yes this is the same Democratic Party that recruited and backed the likes of Tom Daly and Tom Umberg for our State Legislative seats without even trying to find or back women or minority candidates.

When you see that this Democratic Party is endorsing a candidate ask yourself – where does that candidate stand on the issue of handing out needles to drug addicts – who will leave those needles all over our city…

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