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If there is one thing I can guarantee going into the November elections, it is that the current Santa Ana City Council is destined to crumble.  Already the coalition that is backing Council Member David Benavides is showing signs of cracking.

We exposed this week one of Benavides’ supporters after she reached out to the Charles Hart Ward 3 campaign – a slap to the face of Eric Alderete, the Ward 3 candidate who has sided with the crumbling majority.  Alderete has already distanced himself from Team Benavides.

And it has became painfully obvious that the Benavides cabal has no intention of helping Council Member Sal Tinajero’s sister, Myriam, who is running for the SAUSD School Board.  The so-called mastermind behind the Benavides junta, John Palacio, is very obviously trying to get Valerie Amezcua elected, not Tinajero.  It won’t be long before both Tinajeros give Benavides and Palacio the boot.

But let’s fast forward to November.  Longtime Benavides ally Roman Reyna will easily win in Ward 5.  Council Member Vince Sarmiento will win in his Ward as well.  And Alderete is surely destined to win in Ward 3.  What will happen then?

Benavides, Reyna and Council Member Michele Martinez will form the younger, less educated wing of the Council.  Together they remind me of the hapless Council Members one finds in the small cities that pepper East Los Angeles – cities like Bell, Vernon, Cudahy, etc.  Long on enthusiasm, short on ideas – more like cheerleaders, not elected officials.

On the other hand, Alderete, Tinajero, and Sarmiento will be a far better match with Mayor Miguel Pulido, who polls show to be far ahead of Benavides.  This educated and professional council foursome will become the new majority after the election, guaranteed.  Sure, Sarmiento wants to be Mayor, but he will surely become exasperated by the hapless Benavides/Martinez/Reyna trio, who obviously can’t get good paying jobs and are looking to cash in on their elected positions, just like their counterparts in East Los Angeles.

Yes, Alderete is from East Los Angeles, but he is the cream of this crop.  With his smarts and his credentials he could easily run for any legislative office, and win.  Can you say that about Benavides, Reyna or Martinez?  The latter already had her shot, at the 69th Assembly District, this past June.  As we know, that was an epic fail.

The rest of the Council will put aside the election angst, send Benavides, Reyna and Martinez to the kiddie table, and roll up their sleeves.  There is work yet to be done in Santa Ana.  The pettiness can wait until the 2014 elections.

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16 thoughts on “The new Santa Ana Council majority will crumble after the election”
  1. Benavides does not have an office, staff or campaign phone number because he doesn’t have any MONEY!

    Benavides can’t raise any money because no one is willing to gamble on a loser. Setting his ego aside, whoever convinced him to run for Mayor should be ashamed of himself (Sarmiento). Let this be a lesson to all you half-clever wannabe Mayors.

    The citizens of Santa Ana LOVE Mayor Pulido and that is why he continues to get reelected. Now stop the amateur hour and get back to your elected offices (Palacio, Martinez, Sarmiento, Benavides) and serve the community that elected you.

  2. Good reading if interested in comedy relief.

    The Orange County Employee’s Association,the Santa Ana Police Association, the O.C Democratic Committee ,Politicians and other political/financial supporters……..all who have been endorsers to Pulido for the last 18 years NOW SEE IT DIFFERENTLY THAN POSTED HERE.


    This is indicative of the new majority’s strenght and resolve. If the unity was perceived as weak as posted here these serious political animals would not have made their endorsements as they have.

    They had to of done their homework before giving their endorsements.

    1. They all supported Julio Perez in June too, except I think for the police. Remind me Dr. Lomeli, how did that one work out? It sounds like these folks still aren’t doing their homework…

  3. Too bad the OCEA, SAPOA, OCDC and other political endorsers didn’t do a poll before they endorsed Benavides.

    If they had, they would have never endorsed a LOSER.

    Looks like Pulido will once again laugh all the way to City Hall!

  4. OK if these guys are losers than why did Pulido seek their endorsement and received it for 18 years and why did he seek it this campaign too????

    I am sure they will be interested in knowing Pulido feels they are losers and don’t know how to do their homework’

    1. I did not say they are losers but certainly their decisions to back Perez and Benavides are highly questionable. These decisions will end up being regretted.

  5. The only person that is being called a loser is Benavides.

    That’s right folks. BENAVIDES IS A LOSER.

    Remember to Vote November 6 for Miguel Pulido for Santa Ana Mayor.

  6. As I read more and more of what is on this site I can’t determine if all of this is suppose to be taken as a joke or if everyone on here is actually being serious. I am starting to get worried now!

      1. Thanks for pointing it, I thought this article was all comedy. I will now procceed to look for the tragedy. I will get back to you when I find it.

          1. The tragedy in this 2012 election for Santa Ana Mayor is that BeVendido has a political career because of Mayor Pulido. BeVendido better pull a a rabbit out of his a**, ‘cuz if he doesn’t win, his political career is over in 2 years.

            What is shameful about this election is that SarMenso, who also owes his political career to the Mayor, stabbed Pulido in the back by encouraging BeVendido to run for Mayor and endorsed him.

            My advice to BeVendido is to get his personal affairs in order. There is way too much gossip about his alleged extramarital affair.

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