Mon. Mar 27th, 2023

Our post about health violations issued to Downtown Santa Ana restaurants struck a nerve, so I decided to have a look at the Orange County Health Agency’s Restaurant & Food Facility Closures within the last 60 days.

A word of warning before you read these reports – these violations are pretty gross.  The violations were serious enough to warrant closure of these establishments.  The downside?  After they clean up they can reopen and because our Orange County Supervisors voted down letter grade health ratings you will NEVER know these folks were shut down, unless you click here and look them up.

Here are the worst offenders in Santa Ana over the past two months:

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5 thoughts on “Recent restaurant and food facility closures in Santa Ana”
    1. The last post I put up about this topic did so well that I wanted to do a follow-up and guess what? There was a ton of interest in this post too. It generated dozens of hits on the reports embedded in the post.

      Be careful where you eat…

    2. “So you posted this because…..”

      The Register posts this stuff every Sunday…Do you bitch about that too?

  1. These posts have been very informative to those of us who don’t read the OC Register.

    New Santa Ana is providing us readers with excellent local news.

  2. Not everyone reads the OC Register. Many of us readers of New Santa Ana are glad to see these posts.

    Thank you New Santa Ana for keeping your community informed.

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