Tue. Mar 28th, 2023
Devon Sue Cornelison

Santa Ana Police Department Advisory: Homicide Detectives Arrest TWO Suspects for Attempt Murder- Robbery

Homicide Detectives Arrest Suspects for Attempt Murder- Robbery


1. Abel Perez Jr. (38) Santa Ana
2. Devon Sue Cornelison (26) Santa Ana

Location: 917 N. Bewley (Parking lot)

Abel Perez Jr.

Summary: On Tues 11/6/2012 at 0025 hours, officers were dispatched to 917 N. Bewley regarding a stabbing. The 22 year old male victim had been stabbed numerous times over his entire body. The victim was transported to UCI Hospital where he was listed in critical but stable condition. A witness reported that the victim had been involved in an argument with a mid-30’s year old Hispanic male adult, with a shaved head (NFD), prior to the stabbing. The suspect then stabbed the victim who attempted to escape. The suspect chased the victim and continued to stab him repeatedly. As the suspect was stabbing the victim, the female in her mid-20’s who had been with the victim and suspect prior to the altercation and appeared to be associated with the suspect attempted to steal the victim’s vehicle. The female suspect was unable to start the victim’s car and both suspects fled the scene prior to police arrival. The suspects had left their vehicle at the location. Homicide detectives were notified responded to the scene and began working the case.

Homicide Detectives developed several leads in the investigation that identified Suspects Perez and Cornelison as being involved in the crime. On 11-8-2012 Officers located both suspects together in the 1500 Block of North Harbor where they were taken into custody without incident. Both Suspects were identified by the victim. Suspects have been booked into the SAPD Jail for Attempted Murder and Robbery.


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6 thoughts on “SAPD arrests two Santa Ana suspects for attempted murder and robbery”
  1. I wonder if these two enjoy medical maryjuna at one of the many pusher store fronts that have call Santa Ana home.

  2. Good point Cook.

    Some people think Marijuana is harmless but it’s not because if it’s not a transitional drug to other highly addictive drugs it just creates a bunch of pot heads.

    I remember when minority activist use to complain about the high amount of liquor stores in their neighborhoods but what about the dispensaries on every corner.

    Californians need to allow allowing medical marijuana sales in established pharmacy everything else is just for profit marijuana sallers.

  3. Cook, Cruz and Jose, you are total idiots who have never used marihuana. If you would you would realize that no one who is stoned would chase anyone with a knife around the parking lot or would resort an aggression.

  4. I beg to differ my friend; marijuana does not change a person basic personally.

    If the person is a aggressive monster who attacks people for the hell of it, smoking a joint will not change that.

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