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An Anti-Thanksgiving Presentation is being hosted by the Collective Tonantzin, Mexica Movement and Southern California Aim, on Thursday, Nov. 22, 2012, from 11:30 am to 4:30 pm, at El Centro Cultural de Mexico, located at 313 N. Birch Street, in Santa Ana.  This is the fourth Anti-ThanksTaken event in Santa Ana .

Presenters include:

  • Corine Fairbanks (Chair of AIM SoCal) – F*ck the Borders
  • Amoxeh Chicome Tochtli- The calendar system
  • Citlalli Citalmina Anahuac -Women in Resistance since 1492
  • Yaocuicatl Tlacaelel- knowledge for them to continue the struggle and to continue resisting 500
  • Scot Keltic Knot- Thanksgiving: Reality and Mythology
  • Carlos Cardova – Mexica Movement poster’s in Action .
  • Nelyollotl Toltecatl- Video exposing self-hate and vendidos
  • Round table discussion

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7 thoughts on “Anti-Thanksgiving Presentation set for 11/22 in Santa Ana”
  1. Easier to push than pull. Easier to fix the blame than the problem. Push a blame campaign, incite drama, draw media. But historically, hinder change for anyone’s positive results. Pull together for a fix–or is your ‘fix’ vengeance? Squanto helped grateful people, thankful people. You focus on the corrupt, and thereby not only disdain any remedy, but throw out the baby with the bathwater. I’m not your stereotyped enemy, and I’m not on your agenda mosh pit’s side either.

  2. Me and the boys stopped in and listened to the reading, would have liked to staid longer but one of the boys had to go.

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