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Just when you thought that Santa Ana’s Jonathan Espinoza could not possibly get more press…he has been profiled in Hispanic Business Magazine.  Kudos to Jonathan – his story is just incredible and it definitely is worth repeating.  Here are a few excerpts from the article:

Jonathan Espinoza, a senior at Segerstrom High School student in Santa Ana, Calif., thanks to Simon Scholars, has received a full scholarship to attend Georgetown University beginning in the fall of 2012.

Espinoza joined the New Port, Calif., based Simon Scholars program during his junior year. Founded by Ron Simon in 2003, the program emphasizes both strong academic performance and personal interaction with students to help them develop the self-confidence, self-esteem and academic advancement to succeed as the next generation of leaders.

The program selects scholars beginning in the junior year of high school and supports them both financially and experientially through their four-year college experience. Since its inception in 2003, the Simon Scholars program has awarded more than $15 million in program services and college scholarships.

Born to a single, teenage parent, and the oldest of six children, Espinoza saw education as a means to rise above the poverty around him.

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23 thoughts on “Santa Ana’s Jonathan Espinoza profiled in Hispanic Business Magazine”
  1. “Jonathan wants to be the first Latino U.S. President.”……. Hmmmmmm

    It is easier to spend someone else money that way.

    Obama brought US living standard to African level Espinoza will ratchet it up to bring it on the Mexican one.

  2. Stanley,

    You have some real nerve to outright insult people, and I have to give you props for having the courage to talk down upon a culture, and a people. However, keep talking, and I welcome your negative comments, because people like YOU my friend, motivate me to prove them wrong and leave you stunned that whether I’m a little Mexican kid from the streets of Santa Ana, I can be something.

    Sadly, I think you’re just miserable with your life, and maybe one day you had dreams like I did, but you weren’t able to attain them because you gave up on yourself, and now that you see someone else being successful, you envy them. Very childish don’t you think? Find Happiness, Stanley! Wish you the best!

  3. “maybe one day you had dreams like I did”……. Hmmmmm

    Yes, I did!

    And that is why I have crossed the Iron Curtain to leave the socialism and communism behind me only to find myself in the neosocialism and neocommunism brought in to my dream by incompetent dreamers like you who believe that money grows on the tree, were taught self esteem over a knowledge and choked my freedoms by political correctness.

    Today your proud USA, over which you aspire to preside one day, tortures, imprisons people forever without the right to trial and forfeits their wealth making my dream to be never ending nightmare — much worse than I left behind the Iron Curtain.

    All that was done by the peace lowing hippie generation so my empirical knowledge teaches me to be skeptical about you and your left-progressive lazy affirmative action generation.

    You have big dream but you are enable to balance your checkbook nor be able to support it without demanding donations believing that it is your right that someone else pays for your dream.

    In three years of his presidency, Obama tripled national debt making it bigger than all USA presidents combine so it is not too difficult to extrapolate what your presidency will look like.

    My comments are purely informative without a malice to warn society of its ills.

    However, I can guarantee you that thirty ears from now there will be nothing to preside over.

    So keep dreaming or rather pissing in your bed to stay warm.

  4. “I have told you before that Jonathan is a Republican”….. Hmmmmm

    Can you explain a difference to me Mr. Politico Guru?

    So why did you left Republicans?… Huh?

    1. I left the GOP because that party has decided that hating immigrants is more important than anything else.

      Jonathan feels that they will come around eventually. For his sake I hope he is right, but I think the GOP is going to become a third party within the next few years, at least here in CA.

  5. “Jonathan is very conservative”…… Hmmmmmm

    Asking for $900 instead of flipping the burgers for two months and earn it?

    Sorry, I forgot that his both hands are left.

    1. I am guessing that you failed to read the magazine article. He cones from a single parent household with six kids.

      Judge not lest ye be judged.

  6. “He cones from a single parent household with six kids”…. Hmmmmm

    So what?

    So he can’t work?

    Octo-mom has 14 kids so now we have to support them?

    I must tolerate irresponsible Latinos who procreate like rabbits?

    I have been married three times and have only one kid.

    The reason is that I knew that I can’t support more than one at that time.

    He is a typical Latino “conservative?” who plays this emotional game of a miracle kid who lifted himself by his own boot-straps…. if someone will dish the money.

    I bet that he is anchor baby too.

    The article is racist!…. It is a Latino circus.

    1. Fiala the only racist here is you. I don’t know why you hate Mexicans so much when you married one. And she is a very nice lady.

  7. Admin, I told you once to leave my family out of it.
    Do you want me to bring your family into it?
    Your children?

    You are not different from Diamond except that he uses Jews and you Mexicans for advancing your National Socialistic (NAZI) crapola and everyone who opposes you is hater and racist.

    Such behavior is synonymous with OC Libertarian -communist party of which you are the member.

    Find me a similar article like this Espinoza hoopla (the poor little Mexican from single parenthood and 6 kids goes to white-house) about any White European kid!

    1. Stanley,

      I can find you 100 other kids who are of the white ethnicity. Students from Oceanside. To be exact 132 kids.


      Thanks for standing by my side, but as I’ve said before: Stanley is miserable, he hides behind a keyboard and I am sure he once had dreams. There is no use to waste words with him, for all we can do is pray for him.

  8. Admin,

    I will work to keep the GOP a main party, and I wish to one day restore it to the party of Reagan and Lincoln and remind them what the party was founded on, what America is founded on, and show them that we too are people. Have faith in the GOP.

  9. “Stanley is miserable, he hides behind a keyboard”….. Hmmmmmm

    Do you see how stupid and misinformed idiot you are?

    I am using my Real Name and my address is public here and elsewhere.

    I have been involved in Santa Ana politics since 2002 as candidate for city council, 2004 as candidate for city mayor, 2006 as candidate for city mayor, 2008 as candidate for city mayor.

    Finally, I have realized that you can’t change Mexicans which is clearly evident by looking south of the border.

    However, I have never begged for money not even for my campaigns.

    I earn my money!

    In contrast you Mr. Espinoza are typical lazy begging Mexican hiding behind dysfunctional family and using your race for promotion and gaining from the affirmative action.

    I know you have said that you are against it but you have never rejected school tests winch are specifically design for people like you so you can advance.

    And that is the fact.

    FYI, I am not miserable and currently am helping Michele Martinez (Mexican) on her campaign. See

  10. “the party of Reagan and Lincoln and remind them what the party was founded on, what America is founded on”….. Hmmmm

    If the Lincoln would be life he would push Mexicans back to Mexico City as it was done:

    [On March 9, 1847, General Scott landed with an army of 12,000 men on the beaches near Veracruz, Mexico’s most important eastern port city. From this point, from March to August, Scott and Santa Anna fought a series of bloody, hard-fought battles from the coast inland toward Mexico City. The more important battles of this campaign include the Battles of : Cerro Gordo (April 18), Contreras (August 20), Churubusco (August 20), Molino del Rey (September 8) and Chapultepec (September 13). Finally, on September 14, the American army entered Mexico City. The city’s populace offered some resistance to the occupiers, but by mid-October, the disturbances had been quelled and the U.S. Army enjoyed full control. Following the city’s occupation, Santa Anna resigned the presidency but retained command of his army. He attempted to continue military operations against the Americans, but his troops, beaten and disheartened, refused to fight. His government soon asked for his military resignation. Guerrilla operations continued against Scott’s lines of supply back to Veracruz, but this resistance proved ineffective.]

    Learn your history by facts and not by your RINO socialistic propaganda.

  11. Well Stan,I don’t use the socialists tag but I agree with you, I personality get tired of Republicans think they need the minority vote. Minorties tend to vote more Democratic since they have less money. Blacks vote 95 precent for Democratics while both hispanics and asians vote almost 70 percent for dems. In OC, the only minority because of their anti-communists background that tends toward the Republicans are those in places like little Saigon. Personality, the Republician party failed in the state because it barely carries the white vote and the white vote is still the biggest voting block in the state but Republicans are told we must support Senator Rubio’s legalization and Marco Rubio is doing with a hispanic Dem from Ill. Hispanics make less money than whites in OC and Hispanics children in cities like Anaheim and Santa Ana almost have 90 percent of their children on the free and reduce lunch program so of course they are more likely to vote Democratic.

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