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The Santa Ana Mayor’s race is quickly growing crowded.  Mayor Miguel A. Pulido will be facing off against two Council Members, David Benavides and Sal Tinajero, but there are others in the race as well, including retired engineer Roy Alvarado, CSUF student Miguel Angel Briseno, and possibly videographer George Collins as well.

You already know who Benavides and Tinajero are.  Here is a rundown of the other candidates:

Miguel Angel Briseno

Not much is known about Briseno.  He announced his campaign here.  You can check out his Facebook page here.

You can check out Alvarado’s Facebook page here.  He has run for Mayor before.  He received a “Good Guy” award from the Orange County Girl Scouts last month.  (I am assuming their “Bad Guy” award went to Council Member Carlos Bustamante!).

Collins has run for Mayor before.  I don’t know that he has pulled papers this time but it is rumored that he will.  You can check out his Facebook page here.  It should be noted that he recently friended Alvarado.

 No matter what happens, the mayoral candidates’ forums/debates should be fun to watch this year!

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17 thoughts on “Updated: Santa Ana Voter Poll – Who Should be our Next Mayor?”
  1. I think you have to go with Briseno. Fresh ideas,local guy, will give a voice to my generation.

  2. Roy Alvarado would make a fine choice. He has been helping our people in Santa Anita for years. He walks the walk…not just talk the talk. But Tinajero is cool too. I wish Alvarado would run for Mayor and Tinajero for Mayor Pro Tem. That would be a good team.

  3. I keep hearing the name of Joe Dunn thrown out there as a candidate for Mayor? Wasn’t he a County Supervisor or something?

    1. He is a former State Senator from Garden Grove. He lives in Floral Park. He tried to move the Federal Court of Appeals to Irvine, but Pulido blocked him. He is the head of a law firm in Sacramento that lobbies legislators. And he serves on the board of the Voice of OC.

  4. Thanks for the information. Could he get elected Mayor of Santa Ana if he threw his hat in the ring? I know Roy Alvarado would be great but he has never held office before.

  5. I’m voting for Migs Briseno. He’s a new, fresh voice. He’s not a traditional politician stuck in the bureaucracy of yesteryear. We can vote for a city council person that will give us more of the same- that is, representing the interests of the elite- OR we can vote for a mayor that will represent ALL Santa Ana residents, not just the ones running in elite circles.

  6. Dear readers,

    Our poll software was not working so I have switched to a new poll program – and it is entirely confidential. Vote now!

  7. Did Roy Alvarado work for the City of Santa Ana? If not, what engineering company did he work for and in what capacity?

    1. In some non-political stuff, Mr. Collins had some rather serious lapse of judgement earlier this year.
      I can see that coming to light if he were to run.

  8. Really? who is this Briseno guy(his pic looks like he just woke up or stoned) Im sorry, but as a 26 year old I would not want him representing my city. Im dissapointed with some of todays youth and their ways of “modern thinking.” I wouldn’t want a “student” running this town. I say keep the current Mayor or 1 of the current city council members will do.

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