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Ruben Garciacarbajal, a 28-year-old man, pleaded guilty Thursday to having sex with a 15-year-old girl he met through Instagram, according to KFI News.

Garciacarbajal accepted a felony count of unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor. He was previously facing additional charges of sending harmful matter to a minor with the intent to seduce, and possession or control of child pornography as well as a sentencing enhancement for inflicting great bodily injury on the victim. It is likely he took a plea deal that wiped those charges out.

Garciacarbajal is scheduled to be sentenced April 19.

When Garciacarbajal was arrested he had already impregnated the victim, according to police investigators.

The victim met Garciacarbajal via Instagram when she was about 15 years old, and the two had repeated sex until she got pregnant and finally broke up with him, according to CBS News.

Garciacarbajal was also originally accused of taking photos and videos of the teen victim when they had sex and sending her sexually explicit messages via text, according to the SAPD.

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8 thoughts on “Santa Ana man pleads guilty to having sex with a minor, who he allegedly impregnated”
  1. Ruben here. This news article is funny and full of errors. I took a plea deal because I was not allowed to talk about specific things like the times I was physically raped. There is evidence of this and admissions. Also the police did some corrupt things and Im working with republican news outlets. Why dont you speak on “” imagine people having to plea guilty to crimes that can be proven false. The cops refused to prosecute broken court orders. I filed over 7 police reports AFTER posting bail. Just fyi. You guys suck at your job.

    1. One last thing. I plan to take a lie detector test and releasing the results on national news outlets. Lets see what truths come out lmfao you guys cant even do real journalism and seek out my police reports or the fact that i called 911 1 month prior to my arrest seeking help. All public records, No journalists working for this news outlet i can tell. I filed reports AFTER my bail of a certain someone harassing me for 2 years straight. Cops did nothing to help and THIS IS WHY I TOOK A PLEA DEAL rather be in jail. Better jail than to be forced to do things i dont want. Morally sound if you ask me. Also i broke it off. I can show you the messages lmfao. incompetence lol. Want to do real journalism on my case and find the truth? Seek my police reports and my 911 call log a month prior to my arrest. Or wait for me to contact real journalists and expose the truth to the public.

      1. I can understand you’re upset, but your tone is unlikely to encourage anyone to help you. It is easier to catch flies with honey than vinegar.

        1. Respectfully just because I am an asshole doesn’t mean im a monster. Your tone makes me think you are a democrat left winging editor. I can be just as wrong as you though. The truth will prevail. A certain someone abuses a small child. Lets see what you can say after this evidence is released this week.

          1. LOL. I don’t know what politics has to do with any of this. I am a registered Libertarian. Send us the evidence and we will be happy to run with it.

          2. The irony being if that were the case and you were a libertarian you wouldn’t have ran with a story prior to validating evidence which Im more than happy to hand over to be validated by a third party since the police didnt want to do it themselves. I will be more than willing to hand over all evidence proving so and I can go even further than that and prove I was forcefully physically raped numerous of times and threatened and even during the conception of the child that is being abused by a certain someone that is a legitimate admission by a certain someone of this occurring. Politics has much to do with my case and I will prove it in national news outlets but in regards to this news article it is all wrong I am not upset it is laughable and only the gullible would believe this regurgitated nonsense respectfully and I will be more than happy to prove it. Let me know where to send over the evidence. The court case is over so I can now and I am also giving CPS evidence of a certain individual abusing their child this week. Let the truth come out. I have evidence of santa ana police also trying to hide sexual misconduct by one of their own officers. The police also threatened me and a small child if I didnt speak to them without an attorney. By the time Im done a federal investigation will ensue in the city proving corruption and misconduct by officials trying to cover up information.

          3. We routinely run press releases from the police. Most media does. If the info is wrong, we are happy to correct it.

          4. I have evidence on hand that will be able to prove I was physically r*ped and I only took a plea deal since I was being harassed by a certain someone and the cops didnt want to do anything about this was before my arrest and 2 years continued after my arrest. I have overwhelming evidence that yet I chose to avoid trial since the courts showed me they would take no action against me being harassed. Unknowingly to everyone this will have ripple affects such as thousands of men seeing what is occurring behind the walls of so called “justice” and men will leave the country in droves, all it takes is an accusation and its on men to prove it and many would prefer to take a plea deal to avoid the woman as to vice versa. My efforts on having had to fight and give up to be left alone is beyond belief and unbelievable. Nobody in my case should be allowed to be continued to attempt to talk to me and makes this whole post seem ridiculous, I found the amount of nonsensical content on this post laughable especially when I allegedly have evidence showing cops hiding and destroying evidence in not only one case but two one unrelated to my case but it relates to corruption hence politics being involved. 1 citizen proving the truth under the influence of the US constitution proving more than someone with good background experience with journalism is quite ironic and why I commented on. I dont have to hide the fact that I took a plea deal so I can be LEFT ALONE by a certain someone while also being satirical about it with a bit of sarcasm. It is ridiculous. When you are ready Im free to provide you the evidence of police reports with tracking numbers I made and police calls I made a month and a year prior to my arrest asking for help even evidence of me being raped and evidence of the cops refusing to prosecute violated court orders not caused by myself. News flash cops dont help in real situations, not even trial by your “peers”lawyers do and a hell of a good journalism does which is why I am seeking a specific party to expose what truly happened and what was does by others to attempt to suppress it while under police custody.

            You can site this website “,statutory%20rape%20prohibits%20being%20raped.” As my public last words. Provide your editor email if you want the evidence of public records from the cops that they tried to suppress. Thank you.
            You should investigate the cops and why they violated the law and why the law allowed it and foot the bill to the city for it since qualified immunity hasn’t been enacted into law as well as declaring gangs a domestic terrorist organization.
            As far as my case I took a plea deal because I rather be in jail so I can be left alone and not be threatened or harassed by a certain someone that is abusing a child in order to attempt to trigger a response from me. Definitely not how they anticipated this to go. I will forever fight to be left alone by all party members related to my case and make it publicly known.

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