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An Irvine business had a credit card stolen from an employee’s vehicle earlier this year. The stolen card was used for 29 transactions, resulting in a loss of $22,000, according to the Irvine Police Department.

Evidence and surveillance footage show these eight individuals have been involved in one or more fraudulent purchases across Orange County.

There appear to be as many as eight suspects.

Some of the suspects are pictured in sit-down shopping carts which are normally meant to be used by the elderly and the disabled.

One has to wonder if the suspects are all related as two of them could be the parents of this group of criminals.

The suspects appear to be Hispanics and include one woman.

If you can help identify any of these people, please email

If you ever have a credit card that is stolen or used to make fraudulent purchases be sure to call your bank right away and cancel it before criminals can use it to buy ill-gotten goods.

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2 thoughts on “The Irvine Police are hunting for 8 suspects who bought $22K worth of goods with a stolen credit card”
  1. Biden’s immigration policies are working great???. All that crime from his illegals he let in. 10 million free cellphones and 10 million money cards won’t do it, their privileged now and what more

  2. How stupid can one be? there are cameras everywhere, And for just for a quick thrill they will eventually all go to jail, and then the parents or family right there just as stupid. But Its true what they say the apple doesnt fall far from the tree…bunch of rotten apples that is.

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