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ORANGE, Calif. (March 8, 2024) — CalOptima Health has teamed up with Orange County’s four Public Housing Authorities (PHAs) to streamline the Medi-Cal application process and enhance health care access for residents. This partnership aims to ensure that individuals receiving or applying for rental assistance can swiftly apply for Medi-Cal and access community support services.

Through this collaboration, the Orange County PHA, Anaheim PHA, Garden Grove PHA and Santa Ana PHA will expedite access to Medi-Cal health insurance and services available through the California Advancing and Innovating Medi-Cal (CalAIM) initiative. CalAIM services address the complex challenges of people facing housing insecurity, offering care coordination and a broad range of community-based services to improve health outcomes.

“CalOptima Health is excited about our innovative partnership with the housing authorities. It is motivated by our recognition that a person’s ability to be healthy is 80% dictated by things outside the traditional health care system,” said Kelly Bruno-Nelson, CalOptima Health Executive Director, Medi-Cal/CalAIM. “We see the potential of CalAIM to transform lives — to recognize that food is health, safety is health, and yes, housing is health. We are leading a revolutionary transformation of Medi-Cal.”

“The County of Orange and the Orange County Housing Authority are proud of partnerships like this one with CalOptima Health that will leverage resources for those most in need in our County,” said Chairman Donald P. Wagner, Third District Supervisor of the Orange County Board of Supervisors. “More than simply just a referral, this partnership will provide a warm hand-off to those receiving rental assistance from the housing authorities to CalOptima Health and connect them directly with services through CalAIM. This connection to resources is another tool to help prevent and end homelessness in Orange County.”

“We know the challenges and burdens many face when it comes to paying rent,” said Anaheim Mayor Ashleigh Aitken. “If we can take the stress of accessing health care off someone’s shoulders, then we’re all in. The resources available through CalOptima Health will be a great addition to the services we provide along with housing that’s in reach for working people and families.”

“Garden Grove is excited to collaborate in this partnership and find new ways to offer broader and more efficient and accessible support services to those in need,” said Garden Grove Mayor Steve Jones.

“We greatly appreciate this opportunity to partner with CalOptima Health to better serve our most vulnerable Santa Ana residents,” said Santa Ana Mayor Valerie Amezcua. “The Santa Ana Housing Authority provides housing assistance for the lowest-income and most vulnerable people in our community, including seniors on a fixed income, people with disabilities and people experiencing homelessness. This partnership will give our residents access to Medi-Cal benefits and other services that will allow them to live safe and healthy lives.”

This partnership represents a significant step forward in improving health care access and outcomes for residents of Orange County. For more information about CalOptima Health and the CalAIM initiative, visit

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