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Santa Ana artist and musician Theo Hirsch unloaded on the Republicans and fake liberals who have been attacking Santa Ana Mayor Pro Tem Claudia Alvarez this week, in a hard hitting post on his blog.  Here are a few excerpts:

After a ton of local controversy because council woman Claudia Alvares had the balls to Call out Irv Chase in accusations of Gentrification, many things have become apparent:

  1.  Claudia Alvarez isn’t Racist
  2. Chase probably is racist
  3. Mexican vendors are being pushed out!
  4. And if someone does not step in, Santa Ana Promenade all the way to East Village workshops, back north towards 4th Street, then from French to 4th and Broadway is going to become: The restaurant village. Thus art and culture will get swept to the side, while white, O.C. trust fund babies up your f*cking ying-yang, will be running rampant.

Of course, you do have the Cal. State Fullerton building which will probably survive through this gentrification process, but I have found many of the people and students there have this mental disorder that I recently stumbled upon: “The CacaLate syndrome”.

Let’s dive into the definition of this horrid social disease and then we’ll go ahead and move onto these 4 points. There are many people around, ESPECIALLY here in O.C. and here in DT Santa Ana who feel so good (or bad) about themselves that they actually think that if they were to poop on a piece of Aluminum foil and wrap it up and hand it to you, that it would pass as a Baby Ruth, Snickers, Hershey with Almonds (Name your favorite candy bar with chocolate and nuts), etc. These people are Rampant around here. I thought that people only acted like that in High school, yet slowly but surely in my early adulthood it all became apparent: people are f*cking dicks!

Picture: Bustamante and Benavides ripped Alvarez instead of standing up for their people

Point #1: Claudia Alvarez did NOT make anti-Semitic remarks; she did not, she did not, she did not! I am going to kick and scream like a little girl until people realize that the ADL and Erv Chase Are Both full of sh*t; but trust me, while I am ripping and “defaming” certain political and money grubbing figures around here, I am going to make some logical points. And Carlos Bustamonte, You sound like a little pussy (and please imagine a high pitched nosy voice when reading this quote, which I am paraphrasing, although it’s pretty spot on): “What she was saying was so outrageous and so, em, Vial, I was really *Gulp* shocked that she would say a thing like that”… LOL!!!! Oh my God, you are such a little pussy Carlos! You call yourself a man? You actually said that in front of the entire state of California and probably the nation? LoLoLoL… That is sooooooooooooooooooooo f*cking hilarious it makes me want to upchuck my lunch in laughter.

Click here to read the rest of Theo’s post.

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15 thoughts on “Santa Ana artist Theo Hirsch explains why Alvarez was right about Chase”
  1. Being called an Uncle Tom by a man who stoops to ranking genocides in order to defend a politician’s ignorant, racially charged statements doesn’t really come as much of an insult. It’s just lumped in with all the rest of your hyperbolic ramblings on this issue.

    You have the potential to do good for this community, Art– don’t squander that by falling in lock step with buffoons. It’s okay to to agree with Claudia Alvarez’s politics and still call her out on her supremely poor judgement. That doesn’t make one an Uncle Tom, it makes one nuanced.

    Oh, and if you insist on trying to define me by my name, at least have the decency to spell it correctly.

  2. Here’s the deal:

    Chase is going to f*ck under several groups of people:

    1) The existing tennants who are going to either get muscled into paying higher rents AND/OR get run out of business because he’ll temporarily run off the customers.

    2) The new business’ who foolish relocate a “trendy” mexican cantina form Mission Viejo, remodeling and having a “GRAND OPENING” before the novelty wears off. Soon after the empty tables will result in shuttered storefornts. THIS WILL HAPPEN.

    3) The locals who get roped in to moving to this “revitalized” area only to find it’s a f*ck job. Plus the locals who already live around the area who lose thier stores.

    The bottom line is this: you can take the LATINO out of downtown Santa Ana, but you can’t take the LATINO’S out of downtown Santa Ana.

    For years the everyone has said the key to Downtown revitalization is to keep the money here at night, that will never work.

    People in Irvine will not come to a revitalized “East End”, they prefer the natural ambience of a Chipoltle or Baja Fresh.

  3. I don’t know if the “Brave New Urbanists” are going to succeed at the Downtown Gentrification project or not, but the irony is, that if it falls apart it is because they, just like Hitler, are going to over extend themselves on an Eastern Front and a Western Front and neglect their center. Fear and Greed make (weak)master plans fall apart. Then again maybe some people are actually betting on the failure. Kind of like those insurance Default Swaps or whatever you call them.

  4. “I am going to kick and scream like a little girl until people realize that the ADL and Erv Chase Are Both full of sh*t; but trust me, while I am ripping and “defaming” certain political and money grubbing figures around here, I am going to make some logical points.”…… Hmmmm

    Good luck!

    It is too late because you stupid people have bought into this political correctness established by the ACLU (Jews) to bypass the the first amendment.

    So now anything you say against any group (Jews) is hate speech and if you slap a member of that group (Jew) you are committing the hate crime.

    Do you see how stupid you all are to act based on your emotions rather than IQ?

    This is just a beginning. Watch how a social struggle will develop into a bloody mess soon.

    Thank you Liberals, Bolsheviks and Socialist!

    Americanism is dead.

    I should add that you are so stupid that Jewish doctors are mutilating your penises for no “F”ing reason other than make your sex life more difficult.

    Americanism is dead you moron mongoloids.

    Terrorism come to this country only because we are helping Jews.

    Enjoy the TSA strip-searches.

  5. Back in 2000 when I work for the US Census, I was getting information from people who lived in the northern area of Santa Ana. I remember an older white woman complaining to me on how the influx of Mexicans was ruining Santa Ana.

    Now we have Mexican’s / Latino’s complaining that the influx of “White” people are ruining Santa Ana.

    The city has come full circle.

  6. The Hispanic, Asian, Arab, European and Jewish property owners that are rallying against the PBID do not care about whether Chase is Jewish or a fat cat land owner. That is beside the point.

    As property owners what they care about is:

    1) The PBID was established illegally and it breaks numerous state laws, including the ability to disestablish the PBID district with a majority vote. Currently, the disestablishment committee has more then 40% majority of petitions to disestablish. (Only 15% needed to initiate disestablishment as mandated by Federal and State law. [State streets and Highway Code Section 36670(a)]) Also, City owned buildings count as the largest percentage (38%) of pro-PBID votes. Really !!!!!!!!

    2) The PBID assessment has more then doubled property owners property tax payment and has also devalued their property value.

    3) Their PBID and Downtown Inc’s funding is used to fund activities to attract clients to Irv Chase’s tenants, ONLY (i.e. night security, rock concerts, and skate events). Why should the other owners pay this exorbitant assessment if they do not receive any benefits? How does the laundry, travel agency and furniture store benefit from the Downtown Inc. activities????

    What these multi-ethnic business and property owners are against, is the illegal and damaging PBID and how it affects their businesses and their livelihoods. Moreover, they are fed up with the dishonest behavior by Downtown Inc. and their activities. These disillusioned property owners do NOT care about Irv Chase’s Jewish ancestry, it’s a non-issue. What they care about is that they can keep their businesses open and to make ends meet. After all, business is business and they are all in it to make a buck, why should they make a pay for Chase and his tenants?

  7. This is about the true racism in America. It’s the racism of the color green. He wants to do what makes him the most money.

    He used the Hispanic angle to get money to build it, now that as leases come to an end, he wants business that will generate more revenue.

    If you don’t like it, sign longer leases next time. I am amazed that they did not see this coming.

  8. Mike M… Did you bother reading my post before your idiotic response.

    I say “property owners” or do you not know that it’s different then a merchant !

    I am amazed you lack that basic skill.

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