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Residents in Santa Ana’s Riverview Neighborhood have been making a difference in their community by celebrating the Posadas Navideñas for the past four years. The Posadas Navideñas is a traditional Mexican reenactment of the search for lodging that Mary and Joseph did nine days before the birth of Jesus.

The Gallardo family in Riverview schedules a night for the Posada to be held at their home, starting on the 16th of December and finishing on the 24th of December, which is called Noche Buena.

The founder of this event, Manuel Gallardo, along with his family and neighbors continue to preserve this wonderful and beloved holiday tradition and culture. This is their 7th year doing this wonderful event.

In Spanish, Las Posadas means “lodging” or “inn.” Las Posadas reenact Mary and Joseph’s cold and difficult journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem in search for shelter. Las Posadas are held on each of the nine nights leading up to Christmas, from December 16th to December 24th. The nine nights are said to represent the nine months that Jesus spent in Mary’s womb.

Every night Las Posadas being with a prayer at 6:00 pm at a home. Three children are dressed with costumes of Mary, Joseph and the Angel. Everyone receives a candle and a booklet with prayers and songs. After the prayer, Mary, Joseph and the Angel lead the event as they go caroling/singing down the streets until they arrive at the home that will give them Posada. The home hosting the Posada will welcome people with a humble beverage/food/candy bags or piñata! They do this for 9 wonderful nights.

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