Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023

Mirna Velasquez and Carlos Rojas

The Santa Ana Police Officers Association has announced their endorsements with regard to the upcoming November City Council election.  While it was not surprising to see them endorse incumbents David Benavides and Sal Tinajero, in Wards 4 and 6, it was refreshing to see them back a challenger, Mirna Velasquez, in Ward 2.

SAPOA also is backing Mayor Miguel Pulido instead of Roman Reyna.

All of this makes perfect sense when you consider that Martinez pushed to get rid of the SAPD’s strike force and has been squealing for awhile about getting rid of the SAPD’s jail.  Her commitment to crime fighting has always been questionable given her background.  She has previously admitted to selling illegal drugs and her half-brother was arrested when she ran for Mayor back in 2008.

Reyna has his own troubles.  He appears to be a high school dropout and reportedly his brother died in prison.

This is great news for Pulido and Velasquez.  This is also the second big labor endorsement for Velasquez.  She was also  endorsed by the OC Labor Federation.  And former SAPD Police Chief Paul Walters has also endorsed Velasquez.

While SAPOA is backing Benavides I don’t expect they will donate much money to him.  They blew a lot of money on him two years ago when he lost badly to Pulido in the 2012 Mayor’s race.

As for Tinajero, he has no campaign website and no campaign Facebook page.  He doesn’t appear to be running a campaign.

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12 thoughts on “Pulido and Velasquez endorsed by the Santa Ana Police Officers Association”
  1. Follow the twisty-turvey path to Martinez and Renya’s employment: There is much to be questioned. I have been researching Roman’s “employer” the wellness group, they are part of a network of a public fund siphon, linked to LHA (America Barracho’s cash cow).

    It will take a forensic auditor, but, my guess is Fancisco “PACO” Barragan would never trade his spot as a minor league player for integrity, so count that guy out.

    Somebody will begin to uncover this, like Michele’s Non-Profit network, set up by the likes of the Calderon Brothers.

    Somebody, with common sense will get to the truth. Unfortunately, the only “activists” we read about are from a skinny kid from Mission Viejo, with a big UNION bankbook and strict marching orders (and tounge long enough to lick the balls of said patrons), and an out of work lawyer, riding out his days on his immigrant wifes welfare checks.

    The tide will turn and someone will begin to ask:

    “How do the members of the Santa Ana city Council earn their livings”

    1. How do they make a living?
      Free drinks and appetizers at the gentrification bars
      Or a slush fund set up by the “non profits” (hey, no taxes)
      That is my theory and I am sticking with it.
      Or maybe the illuminati lends a hand?

  2. That Mateo sure has a hang-up about the downtown. Oh, the word ‘gentrification’ you use over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again…it’s not a bad word. It’s way over used and tired. Oh, same with ‘hipster’. BoRiNg.

    1. Hey Brad, I didn’t say there was anything wrong with gentrification bars. Did I? I know exactly which ones cost what amount of money.
      I am a Santa Ana Gentrifier. A smart one.
      Maybe you can read New Santa Ana more accurately.

    1. That’s even better. They basically got access to their bank book. Considering FEW if any SAPOA members live in Santa Ana, they can’t vote.

      This is a workplace issue, nothing to do with who they like.

    2. Oh I’m sure the rank and file of the SAPD want to support Roman Reyna for Mayor given his families “ties” to organized crime in our community…The men and women of the SAPD want nothing to do with Reyna and his uneducated buffoonery.

  3. Stop complaining about the Strike Force, the gang suppression unit can do the same job if they apply themselves. That was a waste of resources taken from the short staffed patrol division.

    1. As soon as the Strike Force was dismantled gang violence rose in Santa Ana. That blood is on the hands of Team Reyna and his band of buffoons.

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