Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

The Santa Ana Soccer and Business Association held its first board meeting on January 11, at the offices of Edgar Seb Vazquez, their President.  Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido and Councilman Vincent Sarmiento attended the meeting and discussed how the City of Santa Ana might be able to help this new organization.  Santa Ana Parks and Recreation Agency director Gerardo Mouet also attended the meeting.

Pulido also disclosed that the City is negotiating to host a number of exhibition games by the Chivas Soccer Club, at Eddie West Field.  Talks are also continuing with the Chivas regarding building a new stadium at the site of the Willowick Golf Course.

Vazquez told Pulido and Sarmiento that his organization’s goal is to unite the many soccer leagues in town and to work with local businesses to support each other.

Mauricio Cardenas, the host of a popular T.V. show about soccer, is also involved in this organization.  His media savvy will be a considerable asset to the association’s members.

Alex Vega is one of the founders of this organization.  He is excited about helping the members to register to vote and he believes that this association’s members could become a political force in Santa Ana.  Vega is a longtime supporter of Mayor Pulido.

Vega is also a proponent of “street soccer,” which entails playing soccer in the street, or in a parking lot.  The concept comes from Mexico City, where there is a lack of green space and kids have literally taken to the streets to play soccer.  In this country such an event would of course include city approval and safety measures, such as closing off certain streets.

Here is the Board of Directors for the Santa Ana Soccer and Business Association:

Edgar Seb Vazquez : President
Jose Antonio Meza: Vice-President
Hector Pineda: Treasure (Financial Chairman)
Art Pedroza, Abel Torres, Mauricio Cardenas (Difusion) Media, Alex Vega
Jennifer Delson, Jesus Rodriguez: Public Relations & Secretary
Humberto Murillo: Special Events

If you would like to contact Mr. Vazquez, click here.

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