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Costa Mesa, CA: Announcing the 13th Annual “OC JAPAN FAIR” to be held at the OC Fair & Event Center from Oct. 27-29. We are committed to bringing the best of food, culture, and art from Japan! The OC Japan Fair is one of the largest and most authentic Japanese cultural festivals in Southern California, with 220 booths and an estimated 45,000 visitors. We offer many opportunities to experience and learn about Japanese entertainment, tradition, culture, pop culture, and food.

Must see sights of the fair:

  • Tuna Cutting Show

World class sushi! On 10/28 (Sat.), 10/29 (Sun.) the main stage will host an exciting Tuna Cutting Show performed by a chef from a famous Japanese Tuna Company. Traditional Japanese street foods such as Okonomiyaki, Takoyaki, Yakisoba, Yakitori, Shaved ice, Ramen, Pork cutlet sandwich, Taiyaki and many more will be available on site!

●     Stage Performances

The main event this year will be a series of performances on the main stage. The festival is packed with high-profile performers.

●     Tonikaku Akarui Yasumura 10/27 (Fri.) 10/28 (Sat.) 10/29 (Sun.)

Mr. Yasumura, a.k.a. Tonikaku was highly acclaimed on Britain’s Got Talent, a very popular audition program in England. He performed his material in English, and as his name suggests, he had the audience laughing uproariously. He will be at the OC Japan Fair 2023! He recently performed at Japan Matsuri 2023 in London, and got acclaimed cheering and clapping. Independent

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  • TRAVIS JAPAN 10/27 (Fri.) 10/28 (Sat.)

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●     Cosplay and Anime/Manga goods

Experience an environment similar to the famous maid cafés of Akihabara with the festival’s very own pop up! Not to mention a huge number of high quality anime and cosplay booths, with all the figurines and anime goods you can imagine. And you won’t want to miss the coolest costumes of all at the live cosplay show on 10/22 (Sat).

●     Wish – Let’s Fly to Japan Final

FINAL Audition for US artists to debut in Japan hosted by RISING PRODUCTION in Japan on 10/28(Sat.) 6PM-7PM. Witness the birth of a new star! MC by Tamuken, and Yurisa.

Commentators: Tonikaku, Haruna Ai.

●     Japanese Traditional exhibits and performances

Featuring Japanese cultural exhibits, booths, and performances, including: a Taiko drum performance [Japanese drum], and Bon Odori [traditional dance].

Enjoy live performances by famous Japanese artists at the main stage! The traditional Japanese entertainment acts at the OC Japan fair are a Japanese Koto performance by Ms. Yuki Yasuda,10/28 (Sat.), Kabuki style music by Fuji Japanese Music Ensemble 10/29 (Sun), and “Nihon Buyoh” (Traditional Japanese Dance) by Fujima Kan Ayano.

In addition to these, this year’s annual event will also feature popular Japanese food vendors and sake tasting. Many more booths of anime goods will be exhibited than in previous years! You are sure to find your favorite anime merchandise at the booths.


Date: October 27(Fri), 28(Sat), 29(Sun)

Time: 10/27 5:00pm~11:00pm, 10/28 12:00pm~10:00pm 10/29 10:00am~5:00pm

Venue: OC Fair & Event Center (88 Fair Drive, Costa Mesa, California 92626)

Official: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

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