Sun. Dec 4th, 2022

Click here for an update on this story, from the L.A. Times.

Advisory: Orange County High School of the Arts on “Lock Out” for police activity in the area. Students and staff safe.

The Santa Ana Unified School District’s police department notified the community, via email that Tte “Lock Out” at Orange County High School of the Artswas lifted at 4:12 pm today.  They also reported that the area is secure.

The School Police reported earlier today, at 3:46 pm, that:

Santa Ana Police and School Police are investigating a possible “shots fired” call in the area of Orange County High School of the Arts. The school has been placed on a “lock out” while police investigate the incident. During a lock out, parents will not be permitted to pick-up their students and students will not be permitted to leave. School police will update as information becomes available.

Most of the kids at the Orange County High School of the Arts don’t live here in Santa Ana so this had to be a real nightmare for their parents.

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4 thoughts on “O.C. High School of the Arts lock out lifted after shots fired in the area”
  1. We must really be getting closer to contract talks with the City Council. Can a drive for the new “Public Safety” tax be too far off in the future?

  2. It’s a world economy, the city can rent and import cop’s from foreign countries like the Philippines, pay them in peso’s in their home country for short rotating terms.

    A thousand US dollars a month plus housing and food. No US taxes, social security or health benefits.

    Current cost for 669 @ 100,000 per year = 66,900,000
    The budget says its @ 151,517 =101,365,485

    Imported foreign labor 669 @ 12,000 = 8,028,000

    Saving of 93,337,485 enough to balance the budget and supply more employees (more foreigners) to cover all of the empty spots in the other departments, and even reduce the high business taxes and utility fees.

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