Fri. Jun 2nd, 2023

The Voice of OC, which is funded by OCEA union boss Nick Berardino, the man who created the OC public employee pension crisis, has been teeing off on the Santa Ana City Council and Mayor Miguel Pulido in particular, this week, over their compensation packages.

I ran the numbers and it turns out that Pulido makes $36,913 a year.  I wanted to compare that to what other Council Members nearby make, so I looked up the Irvine City Council.

Beth Krom, who is just a Council Member in Irvine, makes more than all the other Council Members.  She pulls in more than Pulido too.  She makes $37,114 per year.  That means she makes more than Pulido – and more than the Mayor of Irvine, Sukhee Kang, and the other Irvine Council Members.

And if Krom gets elected to Congress in November, which is the longest of long shots, she will triple that salary, and then some.

Of course the Voice of OC won’t point this out.  Nor will they go after all the other Council Members, like Jon Dumitru and Denis Bilodeau, in Orange, who are milking their local elected offices for all their worth. 

The head of the Voice of OC’s board, which is made up primarily of lawyers who sue businesses, is former State Senator Joe Dunn.  He hates Pulido because when Dunn tried to move the 4th District Court of Appeals to Irvine, Pulido punked him.  Kudos to Pulido for keeping this institution in Santa Ana!

No wonder the Voice of OC keeps picking on Pulido and company.  These guys sometimes get it right but it sure looks like, more often than not, they are as vendetta-oriented as their pals at the Lib OC blog.

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