Wed. Dec 7th, 2022

Southern California’s PBS TV station, KOCE , is airing a story this Friday night about the controversy regarding the pending completion of the bike trail in Santiago Creek.  A group of residents in Santa Ana’s Fisher Park Neighborhood are trying to stop the bike trail and are advocating for having the area fenced off from the public.  The KOCE feature will present both sides of this story.

KOCE is going to air this segment on Thursday night at 5:00pm and 11:30pm on “Real Orange” on PBS SoCal, and it will be  repeated on Sunday night at 5:00pm and 11:30pm.

Click here to learn more about the needed completion of the Santiago Creek bike trail.

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2 thoughts on “KOCE’s Real Orange to feature the Santiago Creek bike trail controversy”
  1. You think that you are going to be the new Huell Howser? Don’t you? You should host that show. Bike Trail! Bike Trail! We want a Bike Trail! Occupy those Damn NIMBY’s already.

  2. Mateo what are you saying? You don’t like Huell?

    City Manager responce to Mayor Pro Tem.

    5. Have any alternatives been made part of the study of the proposed bike trail?

    The process to gather public input on the Circulation Element and Bikeway Master Plan has just begun. The first public workshops will be held on February 8 and February 11, 2012. As it exists today there is no proposal to construct a bike trail on this section of Santiago Creek.

    As you know, the reason this is a hot issue is because there are two groups in the community that have been debating whether there should be a bike trail in this area for some months now. The issue was triggered because the County recently provided monies to develop a bike trail on Santiago Creek in the City of Orange all the way east up to Santiago Oaks Regional Park.

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