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Michele Martinez whining

Should Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido and local community leaders demand an appeal of the Santa Ana City Council’s decision to fire City Manager Paul Walters – seven months after they voted unanimously to hire him?

My sources report that the Council is allegedly working overtime to discredit Pulido and Walters – in case there is a public hearing to review the Council’s decision to fire Walters.

While the Council Members said nice things about Walters at the close of Tuesday night’s Council meeting, the attack they are supposedly preparing is beyond belief.  My insiders tell me that the Council is trying to find proof that former Santa Ana Mayor Pro Tem Claudia Alvarez had an affair some years ago, with Walters.  

Councilman Vincent Sarmiento

Crazy right?  But remember that Council Member David Benavides’ allies and supporters attacked Pulido’s kids during last year’s heated mayoral race, so nothing is beyond these people.  They appear to have no shame.

But that’s not all.  The Council is also allegedly trying to make a case that Walters was somehow involved in the sting operation that brought down former Council Member Ted Moreno.

The chisme is that the Council is trying to make a case that both Pulido and Alvarez voted to hire Walters as City Manager as Quid Pro Quo – for the above stated reasons.  Unbelievable!

Mayor Pro Tem Sal Tinajero

So why then did Council Members Vince Sarmiento, Sal Tinajero and Benavides all vote to hire Walters too?  This happened a short seven months ago!  Have these people lost their minds?

Remember that Martinez, Tinajero and Benavides have been on the Council since 2006.  And Sarmiento was appointed to the Council in 2007.  These people willingly went along with former City Manager Dave Ream’s increasingly harebrained schemes even though – according to my pajaritos, Ream may have been suffering from Parkinson’s disease for the last three years of his tenure as City Manager – and his decision-making became increasingly erratic.

Councilman Roman Reyna at meeting

Walters inherited a mess – after Alvarez led the charge to retire Ream and get rid of his associates.  And Walters came through – saving our city from a massive budget crisis.  Did he kick the can down the road?  Sure – but he did what he had to, in order to resolve our budget crisis.  This Council was supposed to get to work resolving the budget crisis this year.  Instead they appear to be smoking loco weed.

So now the Council is preparing to scorch the earth.  What then should Pulido do?

Angry David Benavides

Do we start a recall?  Or do we get started recruiting candidates to take out Tinajero, Martinez and Benavides when they come up for re-election in two years?

Do we force the Council to hold a hearing over the firing of Walters?

Or should Pulido take the high road – and hold a press conference so he can talk directly to the people of Santa Ana?  If he were to do so he would, I believe, be able to make a strong case that the Council Members are not serving the people of our city but are instead on a downward spiral of pettiness and outright insanity.

Councilwoman Angelica Amezcua

Pulido could suggest a different path – this Council should be doing what they were elected to do – which was not to start a war against Pulido and our City Manager.  Indeed this war on Pulido is nothing more than an attempt to overturn the will of the voters – who overwhelmingly voted for Pulido, not Benavides.

It is painfully obvious that the Council is being advised by the unhinged SAUSD Trustee John Palacio – whose friend Nativo Lopez was recalled in great part due to Pulido’s efforts.  And I believe that failed mayoral candidate Alfredo Amezcua is also involved in the Council’s odious scheming.  He has been whispering into Martinez’ ears for many years.

This Council is leading our city into a Civil War we do not need.  What a way to start the New Year…

By Editor

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10 thoughts on “Is the Council preparing more attacks on Walters, Pulido – and Alvarez?”
  1. “Politics is an extension of war.” Admin!
    or is it “War is an extension of politics.”?
    Either way.
    Let’s get it on.
    Skeletons on Fire!

    P.S. Don’t let Cherie Kerr Public Relations steal your show.
    This is N.S.A. turf Amigos.

  2. Cholas have free speech also Admin.
    Beware the person who has nothing to loose.
    or a whole lot to gain.
    staus quo is for wimps.

  3. Art!

    For some unknown reason to me, you are not paying any attention to my comets here.

    I have predicted this fall down log time ago, as mater of fact, I have predicted that Walters or Pulido or both will be in jail within the 4 years and you have been laughing.

    Check all my comments starting from the time when Walters became the interim manager.

    Now you are not laughing anymore…. you are angry!

    In fact your expression in you face is like if the little kid lost his toys in the storm drain.

    Apparently you do like politics but you have no clue how the politics work.

    It is clear that Alvarez couldn’t have been impartial as council member if she had an affair with Walters. In fact, I recall that she miraculously found $500K for SAPD onetime. How do you find $500K on the eighth floor?

    Her function on the PD Safety Competition was completely jeopardized.

    In contrast, alleged Benavides’ affair has no influence on his function as a councilman.

    No one cares about the morality as you are delving on!

    Your morality is pathetic.

    FYI, lying is immoral sex is not!

  4. The powerful interests that own this council don’t care, they will blanket the city with propaganda, playing to the largely uniformed electorate.

    The numbers will play out and we’ll get a legion of representitives with little education, poor morals and an image created out of the blue.

    Wait, thats what we have now!

  5. Great post Art! That’s why thousands of people check out your site each day. You get the news first.

    I have also heard that the Gang of 6 plan on firing Jill Arthur and cleaning house on the 8th floor. They know the 8th floor Secretaries hold the keys to everything(all schedules, who calls who when etc.) and that all were hired under Reem and Walters. These ladies are smart and have zero respect for this new Gang of 6 majority. Palacio worked on the 8th floor at one time so he knows exactly how this works.

    Word on the street is that they plan on firing Jill and putting all new, fresh workers on the 8th floor. They will give the Mayor a rookie secretary who is not beholden to him and begin to monitor his activities.

    This could get real ugly, real fast. Let us know as you hear more Art because the Gang of 6 is not telling the residents anything.

  6. I wish Paul Walters would insist on a public meeting to Fire him. I believe he has that right. He does not deserve to have his good reputaion sullied in this fashion.

  7. P.S. Are Martinez and Tinajero having a contest to see who can gain the most weight in the shortest period of time? I mean seriously, can be ban the soda and snack machines from city hall until this crisis is over?

  8. Join the Resistance Pedroza. If there is a civil war, it was started in the wrong city. The majority of the population who have been silenced and invisible for too long will prevail their visibility is becoming realized now. Your inflammatory rhetoric is just another example of how guilty the public officials who are scrambling right now for balanced footing are. Where there is smoke there is fire. We are all here as residents to put the fire out. Perhaps an emancipation proclamation in this city is due, the year is 2013, no more politics as usual. The war will begin one city at a time, and it will not be a propped up faulty propaganda war (like you are creating) or like our silly wars on drugs, homelessness, cancer, rather it will be a war on political corruption and all those who are implicated in the sick game that this crooked society has been caught up in for to long. We have begun where we are, that is locally, and thank goodness there are six level heads who chose together, six heads are better than one or two narcissistic and inflated heads who can no longer see the reality of the world before them. Furthermore, it is exactly this gossip about affairs, etc. all these tedious distractions which we are sick of, they mean nothing. You take such great enjoyment in this gossip,it gives you something to talk about. Yet, there is a bigger picture out there, hopefully you will expand your myopic vision and realize it. Great pity to you and yours if you don’t. Join the Resistance Pedroza! Get on the right side, The side of Justicia, and Truth!I doubt your pajaros ever tell you that.

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