Thu. Dec 7th, 2023

The State of California forces local governments to post their meeting agendas, as per the Brown Act.  However, Governor Jerry Brown, in an attempt to cut more state spending, is now talking about suspending payments from the state to those local governments, for posting of public notices, according to the Mercury News.

The state Legislature omitted that funding last year as well – and the question now is whether or not public agencies will have to post their meeting notices at all, as this has become an unfunded state mandate.

The state figures to save about $63 million, by gutting the Brown Act’s funding.

My personal sentiment is that the state should amend the Brown Act so that public agencies can post their meeting agendas online only, and not have to make photocopies and put them on their front doors.  That would be the green thing to do!

The City of Santa Ana is still following the Brown Act mandates to the letter of the law.

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