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Celebrate National Brunch Month in April at Fluffy Fluffy, a newly opened dessert café in Tustin renowned for its award-winning Japanese souffle pancakes. The new café champions the joy of dessert for breakfast and invites patrons to savor life’s little pleasures.

As brunch enthusiasts across California indulge in their favorite morning treats, Fluffy Fluffy is inviting them to start their day with a sweet surprise – dessert for breakfast! With an array of tempting delights on the menu, including their signature souffle pancakes, Fluffy Fluffy is redefining the brunch experience.

Fluffy Fluffy Pancake Cafe is North America’s largest soufflé pancake and dessert café.  They opened their first California location on February 24th at 2417 Park Ave., in Tustin.

Fluffy Fluffy specializes in Japanese-style soufflé pancakes that are a delicate balance between a soufflé and a traditional pancake: soft, bouncy, and light. In addition to soufflé pancakes, Fluffy Fluffy also other delicious dessert items and beverages.

They will soon be offering Croffle sandwiches, as pictured above. These appear to be crispy waffles with savory fillings including Avocado, Salmon and Ham and Cheese.

Fluffy Fluffy is located in Tustin next to Prime Hot Pot, across from Prego Restaurant near valet parking.

Click here to read Fluffy Fluffy’s Yelp reviews. They have a four star rating.

The Tustin hours are:

  • Monday, 4PM – 8PM
  • Tuesday, 4PM – 8PM
  • Wednesday, 4PM – 8PM
  • Thursday, 4PM – 8PM
  • Friday, 4PM – 9PM
  • Saturday, 10AM – 9PM
  • Sunday, 10AM – 8PM

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