Sat. Oct 1st, 2022


The Chivas USA are coming to Santa Ana – but our local NIMBY’s need not fret.  This won’t be the Major League Soccer Squad that plays at the Home Depot Center in Rancho Dominguez.

The Santa Ana Sentinel is reporting that “we’ll see a newly-formed Orange County branch of the Chivas USA Youth Academy, presided by first team Chivas USA player Jorge Villafaña, who is the first ever Sueño MLS Winner. As some of you may know Villafaña was born in Anaheim and played in Santa Ana growing up.”

The Chivas USA Orange County Academy is set to kickoff its inaugural season in the CalSouth league at Santa Ana Stadium on September 6. In preparation for the season, Chivas USA held a preseason match on Tuesday night, August 27th at Santa Ana Stadium, against a local squad Pumas Santa Ana.

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6 thoughts on “Are the Chivas USA coming to Santa Ana after all?”
    1. Major League Soccer has doubled its size in less than a decade, now claiming to be the seventh most supported league in the world. And the appetite to consume the game in any way possible has boomed, with the value of Premier League TV rights packages tripling.

      It won’t have escaped the attention of many English football fans that their teams are now owned by American investors.

      This week’s announcement that Manchester City will become majority shareholders in the league’s 20th franchise in New York City is proof that the strongest football markets are now taking the U.S. seriously.

  1. Yeah Vibrant, with thirty bars and a new gay bathhouse (brought to you by the mid-towne spa operators) being proposed in the downtown area, a sports franchise is nothing but a bore.

    I don’t know much about Soccer other than it’s perhaps the worlds biggest sport. And given Santa Ana’s population trends, I would say pop warner is on it’s way out so, this is important. Unless you are a childless gay man or a single woman, or a divorced playboy…..Oh wait, I just named three council people!

    Seriously though, Dan C. is freaking out because Tim Wileike’s white washed “Fut’bal” team isn’t coming to OC.

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