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Dinner & Dance Fundraiser to elect Karina Onofre for the Santa Ana City Council’s Ward 5, at El Nuevo Monterrey

Date: Thursday November 1, 2012
Time: 9:00pm To 12:00am.
Location: El Nuevo Monterrey Restaurant
Address: 601 N. Harbor Blvd. Santa Ana CA 92703

Stamped Tickets will be sold at Karina’s campaign office:
726 S Main St, Santa Ana, CA 92701.

Tickets are $20.00 per person including dinner. $25 at the door.
Please make your checks payable to” Karina Onofre Santa Ana City Council 2012″

*Beautiful floral arrangements from local Santa Ana business owners will be auctioned and karate gift certificates will be raffled, from a Santa Ana Karate instructor. Come support our businessmen and businesswomen.


For additional contributions, envelopes will be available at the event.

Please RSVP at (714)547-2400 or email

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34 thoughts on “Onofre campaign to host a dinner and dance on Nov. 1”
  1. Karina is an attractive women.


    This guy is a predator, He says things like ” Tap that A$$” when drinking with his buddy Roman.

    That is language and behavior unbecoming of a councilmember. But, David after all REFUSES to condemn Carlos Bustamonte, much less ask him to resign.

    Karina. Please make sure you have other people around you when David is present.

  2. What behavior? “Alleged” not accuret . better better discription is a political witch hunt?

    The bad behavior is carpetbagger spreading rumors of Benavides and Onofre.

  3. She should just make sure somebody is around when they are together to gaurd against his unwanted advancces, thats all.

  4. Not safe be cause David has a history of unwanted sexual advances.

    This in not libelous, it is FACT.

    She should also steer clear of Bustamonte, I will give you that.

    Art, you repeatedly use which hunt in your posts, are you saying that davids infidelity did not happen?

  5. Pulido has a one huge advantage:

    Felon’s can’t vote. That ought to cut David’s support in a third at least!

  6. Yes libelous prove that it is a fact. Don’t post anonymously . Be responsible for you comments. If a fact why hide behind a fake name.

  7. “Art, you repeatedly use which hunt in your posts, are you saying that davids infidelity did not happen?”

    Yes that is what I am saying. Prove I am wrong.

  8. “…infidelity did not happen?

    Yes that is what I am saying. Prove I am wrong.”

    I guess the Dentist wants you to provide DNA testing on Benavides Art! Shouldn’t be too tough to prove. Just ask Benavides best friend Carlos Bustamante about DNA testing!

  9. You are an ignorant agitator. Bustamante is charged with felonies. You are talking about a witch hunt that cannot be proved in the case of the libelous comments against Benavides.

  10. If it can not be proved then it did not happen.

    So , I can claim something crazy about you and not be able to prove it but still say it did happen even though I can not prove it???

    Imagine our criminal system with your belief………………guilty even if can not be proved you did what you are accused of.

    It is why libel is a crime.

    1. For a statement to be libelous it must be untrue and there must be intent to harm.

      So you’re saying that Benavides’ wife hasn’t left him?

    1. Here’s the odd part when it comes to Benavides, as I have pointed out before. Six years ago when he first ran for office every mailer featured him with his wife. Today none of his three Facebook pages list him as married and none of those sites, nor his campaign site, mention his wife or his kids. Now you tell me – isn’t that a bit odd?

  11. Not odd at all. Pulido in his bio web page mentions only this ” married has three kids. Bio is about a page long and includes only this about his family.

  12. Not mentioning you spouse in a web campaign page is not pretending being single. Pulido mentions is family in four words.

    1. Oh it is a stark difference. In fact Pulido is very proud of his family. And he has been married to the same woman for 22 years. Benavides no longer mentions his wife on any of his four websites and Facebook pages and you have to wonder if his marriage is done.

  13. Benavides is proud of his family. Not mentioning them in four words as Pulido does , does not mean they do not live together . In fact they do.

    1. OK then why doesn’t he list himself as married, on his three Facebook pages? And why no mention of his family, anywhere? Just six years ago they were front and center. Now they are MIA. What is up with that? Is this bad advice from his terrible consultant, John Palacio?

  14. Palacio does not advice him on his website content. The website content or lack has no relationship to your perception of his marital relationship.

  15. I don’t see Pulido mailers mentioning his family either. These campaign tools have a specific strategy. I do not believe he designs. He places the purchasing of some of the mailers

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