Wed. Sep 27th, 2023

Nice try, but no cigar.  Mark McLoughlin, a candidate for Area 5 on the Rancho Santiago Community College District’s Board of Education, sent out a mailer today implying that he is a Republican.  But he is not.  He is, like the other two candidates for Area 5, a Democrat.

McLoughlin also has never met a tax increase he didn’t like.  He has supported every single bond measure in our area in the past ten years.  And he currently supports yet another one, Measure Q.  He also supports Prop. 30, another tax increase.

McLoughlin touts his experience in business on this mailer.  However a mailer he sent out in Spanish last week said he was an educator.  That was of course a blatant lie.  He is not a teacher nor is he a college administrator.  He is a politician.  And he will apparently do and say anything so that he can hold on to his elected position.

It is however quite likely that one of his opponents will beat him.  He is opposed by an actual educator and administrator, Dave Chapel, and Santa Ana Mayor Pro Tem Claudia Alvarez, who also works as an Orange County Prosecutor at the District Attorney’s office.

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6 thoughts on “Mark McLoughlin tries to fool the Republican voters in the RSCCD’s Area 5”
  1. Damn those politicians! Fool me once, twice, three times. I keep crawling back to New Santa Ana. just shoot me already.

  2. I was thinking about taking some roses to Alvarez at the next council meeting but that would be kind of creepy wouldn’t it? You know how those politicians are, (Suspicious!)
    Is there another council meeting before she and Busty have to retire from the council? Do you think that they will remain friends? Pen Pals? Facebook friends? It’s kind of sad actually that those two will probably never be friends again. But they might cross eachother’s paths somewhere in the Civic Center and point fingers at one another in some kind of nervous flirty gesture or something like that. This all reminds me of graduating from High School. It’s really Bitter Sweet. I don’t even want to think about anymore. I am getting sad.

  3. Last I checked Art, your boy Dave Chapel supported Proposition 30, too. And yes, it’s the same Dave Chapel who is taking over $23,000 a year from the Rancho District for health insurance for his family – thousands less than Mr. McLoughlin is taking for his health insurance.

    1. Then vote for Alvarez.

      As for Chapel, at least he isn’t lying to the voters. Mark seems to be lying on every mailer! Must be pretty desperate to hang on to those benefits and that stipend…

  4. Are you serious? My Neighbors got some mail called the Continuing the Republican Revolution and another called Attention Republicans Election Day Voting Guide that also listed him as a Republican! Isn’t that False Advertising? What about the Howard Jarvis Mailer with him listed as a Tax Fighter? Don’t tell me that is not true either? Next thing you know you are going to tell me Howard Jarvis is dead? I better tell my neighbors to hold off on voting until you get this cleared up. Good think I read New Santa Ana. I better tell them to read your site too.

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