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Carlos Perez had to stop to change a flat tire on his car very early on August 13, at around 2:30 a.m. The last thing Perez expected was to become the victim of an armed robbery.

The SAPD released a surveillance video the captured the armed robbery as it took place.

Perez told the police that a female suspected walked up to him and then he heard footsteps coming fast from behind him. As he turned around he was pistol whipped by the suspect, who was brandishing a firearm.

The suspect then pointed his gun at Perez’ head and locked and loaded the chamber. Perez gave the suspect his wallet as he felt he was going to get killed. Perez then stood up and ran from the scene even as blood came down over one eye, blurring his vision.

Perez hid in an adjacent apartment complex until SAPD police officers finally arrived at the scene.

The same suspects also robbed a friend of Perez who apparently was passed out on the ground. The suspects then fled from the scene.

The suspects struck again on August 28 but they were not as lucky as both ended up arrested by SAPD police officers after that attempted robbery.

There are very few SAPD police officers on shift at night. It is not advisable to stay out late and if you do venture out you better maintain situational awareness.

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