Mon. Sep 25th, 2023

By all rights the luxury apartments at 2525 Main St. should be breaking ground. However our City Council punted on the project and it has been delayed, which directly led to an unfortunate incident at that property early this morning.

A security guard was patrolling the property at 2525 N. Main St when he encountered some transients, according to the SAPD. A scuffle ensued and the security guard had to discharge his firearm.

One of the transients was struck in the back and the other fled on foot.

The homeless suspect’s wound did not appear to be life threatening.

SAPD detectives provided an additional patrol presence and began an investigation of the incident.

This incident underscores what a mistake the NIMBY’s in the adjacent Park Santiago Neighborhood made when they opted to oppose this project. The real issue in the area is the crime committed regularly by the vagrants that live in Santiago Creek and in Santiago Park.

The delay in the 2525 Main St. project means the vagrants will continue to be a threat to the local community. That is because the project, once completed, will feature round-the-clock security that will also patrol the surrounding neighborhood and Santiago Park.

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One thought on “A scuffle at 2525 Main St. this morning led to a homeless suspect being shot”
  1. Hi Art. I’m a neighbor in PS. I am a millennial (albeit on the border of Gen X) and I actually support The Addington bring built as well. The PSNA members continually insult my generation on as if we have no sense, experience or education. I read details of the most recent report submitted to the city by the developers and I believe the complex will be a great addition to our city. They are providing 1.4 million dollars to update our park and are willing to provide security as well. In addition to that, they will actually give PS residents access to their amenities! My question to you is – do you know anyone else who supports it? If you asked a lot of the younger generation in our neighborhood if they support it After seeing the before and after images and learning about all the provisions they are making Byam sure many would change their minds if they don’t already. It could actually make for a really interesting article as many of us feel bullied into signing their petitions.

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