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Does Michele Martinez really need to worry about what out of town bloggers are saying?

A ruckus has broken out on two Orange County political blogs that are staffed by bloggers who do not live in Santa Ana.  They are all upset because Santa Ana Councilwoman Michele Martinez isn’t answering their questions about her campaign for the 69th Assembly District, but really – why should she?

One of the blogs is run by a pair of bloggers who live in Irvine and Long Beach.  The Irvine blogger was questioned earlier this year by the Santa Ana Police Department after they caught him sending creepy anonymous packages to a Santa Ana appointed official.  He and the Long Beach blogger also stalked Irvine Councilman Steven Choi when he was running for the State Assembly – creeping up to and taking pictures through the windows of his house!

The other blogger lives in Brea – and his editor lives in Huntington Beach.  Both of them are openly supporting one of Martinez’  opponents, Julio Perez.  I am told that they are now “occupying” a foreclosed home.  Good grief!  Isn’t that trespassing – or at least breaking and entering?

Why should Martinez talk to such people?  They aren’t respectable journalists.  They are just bloggers and nutty ones at that.  None of them have anything to do with Santa Ana.  She is right to ignore them.

If they lived here in Santa Ana they might already know who she is and what she is about.  But they could always visit her website and her Facebook page if they wanted to know more about her.

Why is she running?  Here is what she has to say on her website, “Our state is facing unprecedented challenges, and I believe that now, more than ever, Sacramento needs local leaders who have experience making tough decisions in diverse communities to help solve our current issues. I am confident that my experience building collaborations to address complex issues will be an asset in our State Capitol as leaders work together to address California’s most important issues. I believe job creation, education, public safety and fiscal responsibility should be our top priorities.”

What has she accomplished?  Again, from her website, “I am proud that during my tenure as a City Councilwoman, Santa Ana has managed to make notable progress during these difficult times. We have seen a decrease in crime by 32%, created thousands of jobs through our enterprise and empowerment zones, invested $100 million in new street repairs and safety improvements, helped secure $320 million through Measure G bonds to modernize Santa Ana schools, and we made some strategic additions to our open-space and bikeway trails. These improvements have made our community a healthier, safer place for families and businesses to thrive.”

Why does she think she can be an effective state legislator?  Again, from her website, “I believe my role in regional collaborations will make me an effective State Assemblymember. I have been fortunate to serve all Orange County residents as a board member on the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG), the nation’s largest metropolitan planning organization, which encompasses our six southern counties. As part of that, I work to represent the interests of Orange County Council of Governments (OCCOG) in the consideration of SCAG plans, policies and legislative platforms. On a statewide level, I also represent the City of Santa Ana on the State Workforce Investment Board (WIB). The WIB develops new workforce development policies that support economic development throughout California, in collaboration with county and city WIBs.”

Who supports her?  Click here to see for yourself.  You will see that she has broad support from state legislators, local elected and appointed officials, and business owners.

You see the ridiculous yahoos on the out of town blogs could have just read what she had to say on her website, rather than harass and pester her.  But maybe they just have an axe to grind with Martinez because if elected she is NOT going to answer to them.  No, she will be answering to the residents of the 69th Assembly District – which do not include any of the crazed bloggers who are currently stalking her.

I surely didn’t have to call their boy Perez to find out what a left-wing whack job he is.  I wrote this post just based on other articles about him and his website.  It is all you need to know about who Julio Perez is.

And I certainly didn’t have to interview Tom Daly to find out who he is.  I already knew he, like Perez, was the wrong choice for the 69th Assembly District.

For the record, I don’t call politicians – ever.  I don’t demand they talk to me.  I don’t harass them via email.  Once in awhile I email my City Council regarding local issues that are of importance to me.  And I leave it at that.  I know my place.  I am not a journalist.  I am a citizen blogger.  I get a lot done on this blog.  But I know my limitations.  Too bad the out of town bloggers have no such constraints.  Kudos to Martinez for blowing them off!

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80 thoughts on “Why should Councilwoman Michele Martinez answer to out of town bloggers?”
  1. +1
    However, she is a democrat same like these lunatics who are asking the questions.

    Therefore, from my prospective she must represent their interest rather than mine and for that reason she can’t accomplish anything in Sacramento would bee prudent.

    In the end of the day, she will have to vote with the democrats and democrats are the problem.

    Not that republicans are any better but at least hey try to hold democrats from completely destroying the California.

    So Michele “Evita” Martinez is just a lesser evil in her capacity as a liberal progressive democrat representing 4 bloger nutcases and not me.

    1. However as a resident of Santa Ana you will benefit by being represented by her. As for the GOP candidate, he is preoccupied with social issues. Useless in other words. And unelectable.

  2. Having an elected representative at the state level from the majority party seems to be better for the district represented as in this hype-partisan enviroment. The only way you have a chance to get funding for local projects or get bills passed that reflect local needs is to be from the majority party.

    That said the majority party in this state for the forseeable future will be the Democrats, so pick the Democrat you like best and go from there.

    Perhaps in the future the Republicans will come back from the lunitic fringe but they will have to lose badly several more times before I see that happening.

  3. I guess the basic question to ask here is why wouldn’t Martinez, or any candidate for that matter, answer legitimate questions put forth by a legitimate, news reporting and political blog? It has been my experience that websites touting accomplishments of individuals are usually inflated by publicists and, in other cases, are not kept up to date. Martinez is running for an office whose vote would or could affect statewide issues. I live in Tustin but that doesn’t mean I am not interested in who is running in other districts, including the 69th. This sounds more like airing your personal issues with these other bloggersand rather than legitimate concern for Martinez. Martinez should be willing and open to answering specific questions concerning her campaign. To do otherwise means the “bloggers” will write a story based on other input.

    And, you may refer to yourself as a citizen blogger but many of us come from journalistic backgrounds and prefer to think of ourselves in that light. In fact, a recent case in Washington State shows the precarious position of “citizen bloggers”. Hopefully, that case will never apply here.

    1. I agree with our other commenters. There is no reason for her to respond to these bloggers. They are not legitimate. They don’t live in the district. They are just going to try to use her words against her.

      Martinez is running a serious campaign. The last thing she should do is waste even two minutes on these yahoos.

      And when she wins I expect she will continue to ignore them and look to the needs of her actual constituents.

  4. “They are the John and Ken of the oc blogesphere, and their posts have ZERO affect on election results”….. Hmmmm

    Except that real John and Ken have absolute effect on 1M+ radio listeners and are very instrumental in the election process.

    1. While they may not have a milliin plus followers, they so ha e a sizable readership and that means they should be taken seriously. Anon doesn’t have the decency to come into the sunlight so his comments mean nothing. And, admin, with your recent kudos to OCR regarding their change in commenting policy, I am surprised you allow inverified comments. “Those blogger” have received numerous awards for their journalism.

      Is standing outside of Chois house on a public sidewalk worse than bloggers to the North sifting through Harry Sidhu’s property tax records so they could “discover” his real name is Hareesh? Or do they get a pass because they sit to the Right?

      I think all of us here in the blogosphere have a purpose and come to the table with our own views. Do we really need to call each other names?

      1. I wonder Jeff why you are holding us to a different standard from that set by the Lib OC? Or have you not seen their blog of late?

        I have looked into doing what the Register is doing but have not yet found a WordPress plug in that will accomplish that. I am still looking into it.

        No one should be invading anyone’s private property in order to write a blog post – right or left.

        Lastly, my style of writing includes a lot of humor and I don’t take politics or politicians and certainly not bloggers very seriously. I will leave the nastiness to others but I do reserve the right to call unhinged stalker bloggers “yahoos.”

        1. I’m not holding you or anyone to a standard. My point is that your comments regarding the out of town bloggers behavior seem to be focused on them in particular when other bloggers you don’t have issues with get a pass.

          You are right that you may call anyone a yahoo. You can do it in a public forum like this. Or, you can spend your blogging time more productively, doling out some of that humor (like your subsequent post)

          And, like me, you don’t take politics too seriously. You go, citizen blogger. 8€)

          1. Jeff,

            Be fair amigo. Have you not looked at the many posts we put up this week? I spent a lot of time on our Year in Review and on our Top Ten Issues in Santa Ana in 2012 posts, not to mention our things to do on New Year’s Eve post. And I managed to write an in-depth post about the GOP candidate for the 69th – something the LOC and the OJ have completely ignored while going after their fellow Democrat, Michele Martinez.

            Ignore my other posts if you like but don’t say we aren’t being productive when in fact we are being more productive than the LOC, the OJ and the Register combined.

          2. Admin, I think you should re-read my previous, what I thought was, tongue-in-cheek comment. I may not read everything you write but I subscribe and know when you are writing something. I just like to pick and choose what I comment on.

            Sean, are you still angry over the T-shirt incident?

          3. Jeff,

            I was never angry about that. Receiving multiple anonymous packages with harassing notes does tend to get bothersome though. Dan’s stalking and harassing goes well beyond myself.

            Glad to see your ignored the entire subject matter of my comment. You come on this blog pissing and moaning about anonymous comments and yet say nothing about the same elsewhere, particularly at the LibOC. I wouldn’t have expected anything else from their crew.

          4. Oops, sorry Sean, you are right. I was concerned that admin might have misunderstood my previous post as a gibe. I agree about anonymous postings. I don’t like them on my blog either bit we are all stuck between a rock and a hard place. Do we prohibit all anonymous posting and miss some relevant commenting or do we allow it and open ourselves uI guess p to irrelevant amd, sometime harrassing comment? I guess we each have to decide for ourselves.

            Oh, and to be clear, the folks at the Lib are friends of mine but we’re not on the same “crew”. Ideologically, we are pretty far apart.

  5. Gallagher,

    The key word used by you is “legitimate”. Dan and Chris aren’t “legitimate”, they are assholes with an axe to grind.

    Good for Michele! She need not respond to them. They matter so very little in regards to the voters.

  6. My question for readers: on reading the above, would you be surprised to learn that what I actually wrote in an open letter to Martinez, once she was informed that Lib OC would no longer publish her promised-but-still-tardy reply, was this:

    [I]f Michele Martinez wants to send her answers to OJB, even at this late date, we will publish them in the interests of fair play. And then I will personally go to that post on Lib OC, leave a comment letting them know that we have the goods on how Michele Martinez answers softball questions, and depart with an epic “nanny nanny boo boo” and invitation for their readers to link here for more.

    Only in Pedrozaland is offering a candidate a forum to (belatedly) present the answers to questions that she apparently wanted to answer but didn’t get to in time a form of “harassing” her. If she doesn’t want her answers to be read, she can just not send them to us. Easy!

    1. I would advise her to take the latter option. Folks can find out all they need to know about her on her website and by reviewing her record on the City Council. What some guy in Brea thinks of her is of no import to the voters in the 69th A.D.

  7. Michele Martinez would be poorly served by dealing with the LIBERAL OC simply based on thier bias. Thats SMART politicking (Vern is that a word??).

    The liberal OC is NOT a legitimate organization. A professional would not send anonymous packages to others and then try to SPIN the episode (which he did well).

    As for Greg’s offer, If I were Michele I would refuse that as well, Greg Diamond has repeatedly said, Julio is his Horse. Why play into that? The readership of all three blogs combined and multiplied X 10 won’t change the race, but a misconstrued comment would.

    MY ADVICE: Don’t take the bait Michele.

    It’s strange that whenever, biting critisism of Dan crops up, the lawsuits and phone calls and wierd packages start showing up. I guess thats a coincidence Jeff??? Or maybe the M.O. of a fourteen year old boy?

    1. @KLND — Michelle is welcome to accept or to refuse it. I’m promising to publish it verbatim, given that LibOC apparently won’t, simply to allow her to take part in the discussion. I have a hard time seeing how that is being antagonistic. Yes, I support Julio, but I also support fair play and the ability for candidates to communicate with voters. If such an offer is “bait” — well, I don’t get it and I wouldn’t hope that a politician would do so.

      Art and Sean are welcome to make the same offer here, of course (for which I realize they don’t need my permission), but my sense is that we reach in part a different audience than NSA does, one that may overlap more with LibOC. Hence the offer.

    2. Your call, Ken.

      On the issue of not dealing with OCL, I’ll just say it again that, if Michele doesn’t talk to them, they will talk to others and her pov may never be truly known. Just reading what some political hack may have written for Michele on her webiste does not necessarilly answer all the questions the public may have in regard to her position.

      We can sit here and write about it all day long but, in the end, it’s Michele that needs to make the decision and live with the consequences, if any.

      Good discussion.

  8. Maybe she might respond to Diamond if he spelled her name correctly…It’s Michele, not Michelle.

    1. @HebrewLetters: Yes, I’m sure that that must be it.

      I haven’t heard anything to substantiate that rumor, unlike the one with the Fire Dept.

      I have no problems with Santa Ana or Irvine bloggers covering it, though!

      1. I reserve the right to post about county matters. I am in fact working on a post about the latest hiring of a Register reporter by a local union. Will post it sometime tonight.

  9. Jeff and Greg:

    Well Said.

    I do find it necasary to call one thing into question:

    “Just reading what some political hack has written…”

    Really, I’ll just use this as an example: “Watching my father wake before dawn each day……” that was ABSOLUTELY written by a consultant, Julio has said “all the right things”, this is part of the reason I am not sold on him. He seems Surreal to me, unbelievable, what little is known about him and what i have heard has not impressed me. I (KLND) feel like it’s staged.

    The Perez talking points seem extremely vanilla to me, almost out of touch, if your not buying drinks on J street.

    That’s my view. Lucklily for me I actually get to choose on this one.

    Diamond, On a side note, I had lunch in North County today, where a couple of Breans were coming unglued about the rumor of the OCSD taking over police services in Yorba Linda. In a wierd string of commonality, the news spokesperson for the AOCSD name came up as being brought on to help the propaganda war.

    What does this mean for Brea, Yorba linda and the county at large. Maybe worth giving Garcia a call, I think he was a holdout on the Fire thing???

  10. Greg, I would expect you as a Brean to write about the subject, Chris P as a Union Steward (for PUBLIC EMPLOYEES)to write about it, you both are passionate and in this case have “skin in the game”.

    As far as it being a rumor:


    This I found after tyoing YL POLICE into Google, I also saw links to a website, where people were offered lawn signs and asked to call thier local officials.

    Maybe it was a rumor, because as we all know, the OCR can’t be trusted to report facts! (joke)

    FOX NEWS gets a lot of shit deservedly for thier “Fair and Balanced” reporting deal. I would just like to see stakeholders put some attention into thier own local stories like they do Santa Ana’s. then it would be a little more believable.

    And NO Birthday wishes don’t count! SOPHMORIC!

  11. Greg, as far as substaintiating the “RUMOR”

    Try this:


    Also, the aforementined BPOA (Brea’s Police Union), which is lead by Triggerman Shawn Neel, the guy who gunned down the unarmed suspect last summer is leading an effort today calling residents and going door to door pusing the agenda.

    On the other side, the AOCSD is getting ready to launch an offensive (competing bid).

    This would be worthy of mention in an article.

    Thats all I was saying, not trying to be combative. I realize you are an Uber conected insider, and that if you don’t hear it it must not be true. But, I would have thought you’d be more in tune with the community.

    1. KLND — OK, I’ll do it. I’m not particularly connected in my quite Republican city — where I’m basically satisfied with City services and with the fact that our City Council members do not seem to be as loud and wild-eyed as those in, say, Mission Viejo or RSM — but the Yorba Linda vote looks interesting and it is, after all, tomorrow.

    1. Yes Vern, you and Greg Diamond insisted that she answer the Lib OC’s inane questions. Fact – neither you, nor Greg nor anyone at the Lib OC live in the 69th Assembly District. And NONE of you live in Santa Ana. There is no reason why Michele should take any of your calls or give any of you the time of day. My advice to her from the start has been to blow off the lot of you and pay attention to her constituents and to her campaign. That is what she is doing and I believe it will put her in a position to win, while Daly and Perez waste their time with you guys.

      1. “Yes Vern, you and Greg Diamond insisted that she answer the Lib OC’s inane questions.”

        Honestly, Art, sometimes I can’t decide whether I think that you’re illiterate, dumb, or disingenuous. First, the LibOC questions weren’t inspired, but they were hardly “inane.” Second and more importantly, where did I “insist” that she answer those questions? I INVITED HER to answer those questions, despite the time limit from LibOC having passed, at OJB if she wanted to. That is not “insisting.” So did you not read my post well enough, not understand what you read, or just decide to act as if it didn’t say what it said?

        1. Don’t be coy Greg. You could have just let the issue die, as it should have. Your post kept it on the front burner instead. What else would one expect from a Perez supporter?

  12. Did you also tell her to tell Democracy For America that she was coming to our meeting to speak, and to then blow us off?

    Does she want you to be thought of as her adviser?

    1. Silly Vern. I haven’t spoken to her in months. She is being advised by the young man who guided Mayor Pulido to a resounding victory against Al Amezcua last year. She doesn’t need my help.

      Was the DFA meeting held in the 69th? I doubt it. Tell you what, why don’t you stop pestering her and let her do her job and run her campaign her way?

    1. Maybe so, but a dozen voters aren’t going to make much of a difference. And I would hazard a guess that most of your leftist DFA pals are already backing Perez. So why should she waste her time on this lot?

  13. LOOK…….OVER THERE…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………Meanwhile the REAL SHIT happens..EVERYDAY!

  14. Thank you for apparently (without acknowledging it) backing off from the assertion that I was “insisting” that she answer the questions.

    Those “softball” questions seemed legitimate. She did apparently at one point intend to answer them, and then apparently got busy. LibOC said time is up, so I said “go ahead and send them to us and we’ll publish them,” because I think that more information about all of the candidates is good for voters. I did that despite my being a Perez supporter, not because of it.

    “The issue” of someone not responding to a simple and innocuous candidate questionnaire after promising to does not die so easily, as you probably know. If Michele wanted you to post her answers, would you post them?

  15. “Honestly, Art, sometimes I can’t decide whether I think that you’re illiterate, dumb, or disingenuous”…… Hmmmmm

    Interesting malpractice laced crapola Esq. Diamond!

    Isn’t it professional legal advise [not] to answer any question?

    Any lawyer who would try to violate “The Silence is Golden Doctrine” must be exponentially dumber to the point of incompetence than Art can ever be!…..

    Trust me, I know Art.

  16. Sean, I offered to print them verbatim. It takes a real twist of logic to suggest that that could be twisting them. But far be it from me to disturb your paranoia.

    Stanley: Happy New Year. Go to law school; it will humble you.

    1. @Stanley — yes it is, but not in the way you apparently mean.

      I thought that I knew a lot more law, with much more certainty, before I went to law school. One thing that law school teaches you is how much you and others don’t actually know. As the saying goes, “it’s not what you don’t know that kills you, it’s what you know that’s not true.”

      You’d find law school fascinating — and you’d come out knowing more and saying less.

  17. However Esq. Diamond, I would like to attend a school which is teaching where to put the semicolon within the sentence.

    I never know where to put these suckers and how to read them.

  18. Perhaps I would not have done what I promised to do even though she could have cc’d her replies to Art who could check to see that I didn’t “twist” them? Yeah, that’s paranoid.

    Having let this issue die down last week, I’m fanning the flames by responding to Art’s accusation that I was “insisting” that she answer those questions, rather than just giving her a venue to use if she wanted to (as I stated) — an accusation that Art has apparently quietly abandoned when confronted? Yeah, that’s paranoid too.

    You apparently don’t see the value of not being the only Democrat to have refused to answer benign questions in a public forum. Maybe have Sal explain the optics to you.

    I suppose I should explain something to you: I made my offer because Chris (or Dan, whichever) stated that she had wanted to participate and had asked for more time to do it. That’s why I was doing her a favor. If she never actually did want to participate, didn’t adk for more time, etc., then she can say so and I’ll withdraw the offer.

    How you twist this into an attack on her is mind-boggling. She can (and I’m sure will) do what she wants! I presumed that she wants to get out her positions to people. If I’m wrong, ok.

  19. Whoops, that “Anonymous” up there was me, from my phone.

    Art, she apparently didn’t ignore LOC. If she had said from the outset “I’m not dealing with you guys,” I would not have made the offer. But, apparently, she had wanted to participate, and asked for more time, but didn’t get her response together. That’s why I made the offer.

    As for your apparent belief that LibOC is “of no import in the 69th” — Art, I would like to make you a deal. If she somehow does end up in the runoff with Daly or the Republican, I’ll be the one of the two of us to give her advice, OK? Because mine won’t be absurd.

    1. Boy you’re really your own biggest fan. Here’s what Moxley had to say about what you and Vern have done to the OJ blog, in a post he published today: they “turned the website into a mind-numbingly boring, frothy fellatio party for liberal elected officials.”

      I think Moxley got it right. The less Michele has to do with you, the better.

  20. “it’s not what you don’t know that kills you, it’s what you know that’s not true”…….. Hmmmmmm

    How aromatic!

    Good old Socrates: “I know one thing, that I know nothing”

  21. “Pedroza handed his Orange Juice blog over to a knee-jerk Democratic Party loyalist, who turned the website into a mind-numbingly boring, frothy fellatio party for liberal elected officials.”

    Truer words have never been spoken!!!

  22. “Whoops, that “Anonymous” up there was me, from my phone”….. Hmmmmm


    It is clear that in the heat of your hateful commenting you have made anonymous comment.

    After you have pushed “Submit” button you have realized that you are holding your Blubbery or some “berry” in your hand.

    So you thought; lets admit an error…. Huh?

  23. “turned the website into a mind-numbingly boring, frothy fellatio”…… Hmmmmm


    Since the only IQ in the OCB, and mayoral specimen Fiala, stopped commenting there.

    Told you so Chez aka Gröfaz!

  24. Stanley — no, I think that that was the first time that I tried posting from my phone and I didn’t realize that it wouldn’t have my name on it.

    Artmin — Moxley wrong? Not unprecedented! Thanks for the head’s up, I’ll go abuse him directly.

  25. Stanley — no, although I can see why you would think so. (Not “why one would think so” — just specifically you.)

  26. Oh…wow,….. hey,… Man, for a minute there, I thought I was on the FFFF blog. Then I realized, no one used the f-bomb or take my nambla-ass back to where I came from.

    Thanks for keeping it civil, guys.

  27. Again,

    Ms. Martinez would have to be out of her mind. “Rick Perry” out of her mind to think that anything good would come from even returning Chmilewinskis phone calls.

    Dan is twisted, cleary biased against anything “AP” supports and he is reckless and could be considered dangerous (although I KNOW he’s a paper tiger).

    Greg, your public support of Perez makes you the least likely delivery system.

    Tom Daly is the wild card, I am not sure what this guy is doing other than trying desperately not to work. Maybe he should marry and LA Times reporter or at least somebody who speaks “Mexican”. That seems to work for for the other losers around here!

    1. Having spent some time now around OC blogs, I can see how you might think that I’d be dishonorable, but if I said I would publish it verbatim than that’s what I’d do. It would be easy enough to cc whatever she sent to me to someone else who could verify that I reproduced it faithfully.

      I’ve said here and elsewhere that if Julio somehow doesn’t make the runoff then I’d support Michelle over Daly (and Daly over the Republican.) So I don’t have any reason to tear her down. That will happen on its own in any debate.

      I won’t express an opinion on Dan. We haven’t met or even spoken by phone. I’ve had some better and worse interactions with him online and liked some of his writing more and some less.

      As I’ve said, if Michele doesn’t want to send me those answers that fine with me; I was just offering to do her a small service as a courtesy. It’s the proprietors here who started shrieking over it.

      1. It was no courtesy. All you did was give new life to the ridiculous LOC post. You are a Perez backer, by your own admission. Martinez would do well to steer clear of you.

        1. “New life”? Art, without looking it up, how many days would you say elapsed between when the LibOC story went up and when I issued my invitation?

          And how many days would you say would need to elapse before you could say that I was giving something “new life.”

          You seem not to even care whether things are true. If you think them, that’s enough for you to accept their truth.

          1. Whether or not she responded to them was their problem, not yours. They’re quite capable of stalking candidates on their own. Face it Greg you blew it. If she wins you’ll be on the outside looking in.

  28. “Face it Greg you blew it. If she wins you’ll be on the outside looking in.”…. Hmmmmmmm

    Interesting concept Art; like if you lose your toys in the storm drain?

  29. Maybe I should run for 69th district.

    Michele Bachmann got 6,073 in the entire state of Iowa and I got about 10,000 in City of Santa Ana alone.

    Impressive…. Huh?

    In which case the LibOC and Bolsheviks from OJB mind-numbingly-boring-frothy-fellatio should send any question regarding the OC state of politic to me.

    I will answer….. trust me!

  30. It was no one’s “problem,” Art. It was just a matter of the voting public being better or less-well served. I think that, at least when it comes to these sorts of benign, general, “softball” questions, it’s good for people to be able to see them near each other, to make comparisons. (I think that seeing Perez’s and Daly’s answers next to each other, for example, is useful.) That’s why I wanted to get all three of them published, in the same format, in proximity. It’s not complicated.

    As for this:

    “Face it Greg you blew it. If she wins you’ll be on the outside looking in.”

    That’s truly discrediting, Art. If Michele wins, it will be a significant step up from Solorio, so I’ll be happy about it although disappointed at what could have been. But I’m not writing to try to make sure that I’m not “on the outside looking in.” That’s ugly — and I don’t really need to, anyway.

    I was going to ask if that’s why you write, but the question answer itself: it is. What a shame.

  31. Stanley, I would honestly love to see you run the the 69th district, given the presence of another Republican in the race. Impressive … yes! Hmmmm….

  32. “given the presence of another Republican in the race”….. Hmmmmm

    FYI, I am not a Republican; Diamond.

    As to your statement (I think that seeing Perez’s and Daly’s answers next to each other, for example, is useful.) I am sure that Daly feels like an idiot now after Michele “Evita” Martinez poo poo it.

    She clearly shown political maturity in this matter as I would expect as a OC political tutor.

  33. “It was just a matter of the voting public being better or less-well served.”

    The ego’s on these bloggers never ceases to amaze me. 99.99% of the voting public don’t even know about the OJ, NSA or LibOC and they certainly don’t care what Dan, Chris, Vern, Greg, Art or Sean have to say.

    These blogs are just inside baseball for those who have taken an interest in the subject matter. I doubt there are undecided voters eagerly awaiting Greg Diamond’s next 10,000 word missive before deciding how to vote.

    The belief that the voters are tuned into to these blogs is as funny as Vern and Diamond thinking that Moxley even knows who they are or spends any time worrying about what they think.

  34. @Stanley — and yet you would split the Republican vote. Go for it. I dare you.

    @Sean — that’s an interesting and telling misinterpretation. This wasn’t a matter of trying to get people to read my writing. This was a matter of making it easier for people — possible aided by, say, The Google — to see what each of the candidates have to say about themselves. Period. It’s good for such a forum to exist. Real politicians aren’t scared of it.

    The sucking up to Moxley continues apace, I see. Sadly for you, at some point he may decide that he really ought to read what you guys are saying if he is going to plump for you like this — and then, when he does, the goose it is cooked. He will run screaming away with his hair on fire, yelling “unclean! unclean!”

  35. “The sucking up to Moxley continues”


    Moxley doesn’t need anyone to suck up to him. He is an incredible journalist who has actually made a difference with his writings. Mike Carona is in prison thanks in large part to Moxley’s never ending battle to publish the facts about the Carona crew.

    You and Vern have killed the Orange Juice, a point that Moxley simply reiterated. The truth hurts don’t it?

    Your blog is simply not interesting no matter how many times you write one of your War & Peace-like posts. You’re just not a talented or interesting writer, so unlike Pedroza and Moxley.

  36. “He will run screaming away with his hair on fire, yelling “unclean! unclean!””….. Hmmmmm

    I believe that you wanted to say “sotto voce as “Unclean Hans””….. Huh?

  37. You’re right, Sean, Moxley doesn’t need anyone to suck up to him — but that’s what he’s getting from you.

    “Mox you are the preeminent investigative journalist in the area, these folks can ask Mike Carona and his cronies about that. Keep up the good work and don’t lose too much sleep over what bloggers with an inflated sense of self importance think.”

    (slurp, slurp — thank you, Mox, for promoting Art’s new blog so prominently, slurp, slurp can you do it more?)

    Moxley has admitted that he hasn’t read OJ for some time. Evidently, someone called him — you, Art, or both, and how many times? — to say how we (and Geoff Willis and Tony Bushala and the Winships and all that) are just SO terribly left-wing, and, not being in super-investigative journalist mode at the moment, he bought it. Good for you for working those phones, Sean!

    So he wouldn’t know if we’d “killed the Orange Juice.” As it happens, though, if you don’t count the month just before the 2010 general election, a time of heightened political interest, we’ve been roughly in line with OJ’s performance for the previous year. And, we’re having fun, and we don’t have to bear the burden of explaining away Art’s Drudgery.

    As for my writing, if I want a more informed judgment than yours about anything literary I’ll ask my basil plants. Back to your cush government job, Sean!

    1. @Stanley — Actually, I’ve had bad relations with the JDL types from the late ’70s, most strongly so in the early to mid-’80s. Irv Rubin disgusted me. The peace party within the Israeli parliament keeps on changing its name and shape, but when I was closet to it it was called Mapam, and later there was Yesh G’Vul, and that’s where my sympathies (still without the broad bounds of Zionism) have always been. So, if you’ve always thought that I was JDL, you’ve always been wrong.

  38. No Sean! You spend your nights driving by homes of he Usual Suspects and looking up the credit reports of people you hate.

    If Moxley ever needs a fluffer, you’re his man

    1. Not true. One of the former LOC bloggers made such allegations and they were utterly false.

      You should know that Sean and his boss have been pestered by calls made by the Irvine blogger and the
      SAPD questioned the Irvine blogger after harassing anon packages were sent to Sean’s home.

  39. “So, if you’ve always thought that I was JDL, you’ve always been wrong.”……. Hmmmmmm

    Thanks for clarifying that!

    So now behave like an American and keep upholding the constitution instead of the Marxism-Leninism Doctrines!

  40. I should add the entire article:

    “I have never admitted to once being part of the JDL, you raving lunatic, mostly because I have never been part of the JDL. You have until the end of the weekend to find the comment where you claim that I “admitted” that and either admit error or face consequences such as being consigned to Pedroza-blog hell. Ready, go.”…….. Hmmmmm

    January 4, 2012 at 2:08 pm You have stated:
    @Stanley — Actually, I’ve had bad relations with the JDL types from the late ’70s, most strongly so in the early to mid-’80s. Irv Rubin disgusted me. The peace party within the Israeli parliament keeps on changing its name and shape, but when I was closet to it it was called Mapam, and later there was Yesh G’Vul, and that’s where my sympathies (still without the broad bounds of Zionism) have always been. So, if you’ve always thought that I was JDL, you’ve always been wrong.

    Based on your ambiguous statement above, “I was closet to it” is sufficient for me to be informed and believe and therefore allege that you have been JDL sympathizer, if not its member.

    I am not in opposition to your general denial above, however, you are submitting it as your affirmative defense by which you have shifted the burden of proof to you.

    Furthermore, you are public figure by your bid for your candidacy so I am advising you, legally, to freshen up on the California Code – Section 425.16 for Lawyers, Law Students, etc. … and these pesky “unclean hands” of your’s.

    Now, you have until the end of the weekend to find the comment where you claim that I am “raving lunatic” see “Witkin” and either admit error or face consequences such as being consigned to frivolous and malicious litigation hell. Ready, go…….. one minute and counting.

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