Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

“After a long time, through many difficulties, under the enthusiastic help of effort and money from donors and Buddhists in many places, especially Council Member Santa Ana, Bao Quang Temple was officially inaugurated on Sunday morning, with the spacious, majesty and the splendor, before hundreds of religious clergy, visitors and community members,” according to Nguoi Viet.

Mayor Miguel Pulido was there.  So was Ward 5 Council candidate Karina Onofre.  They were joined by Santa Ana Mayor Pro Tem Claudia Alvarez, a candidate for the Rancho Santiago Community College District’s Area 3, and Santa Ana Council Member Vince Sarmiento.  But mayoral challenger David Benavides and his clip-on tie wearing sidekick, Ward 5 challenger Roman Reyna, were missing in action.

Why are Benavides and Reyna writing off the Vietnamese vote? Thousands of Vietnamese Americans have been moving into Santa Ana for several years now.  They are part of our social fabric.  They are often business owners and they work hard to educate their kids. So why did Benavides and Reyna show such disrespect by skipping out on this event?

Reyna has suggested recently to his friends that he has the election “in the bag.”  Well that certainly isn’t the case on the west side.  Onofre has those votes now!

This is just another epic fail for the wilting Team Benavides…it says volumes that one of their own, Sarmiento, was there but apparently he didn’t tell Benavides and Reyna about the event!  LOL!  So much for their solidarity.

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13 thoughts on “Why did Benavides blow off the ribbon cutting at the Bao Quang Temple?”
  1. Then the politicians politely turned off their cell phones, and for a superficial eternal moment in time, made the semi-conscious collective political decision to reject the matrix of distraction that they so willfully and ignorantly cling to in their more common hours.
    They bowed with reference and supreme humility before the giant Grasshopper of Little Saigon.
    “Why now? My little Pollo Nortenos?, do you desire to express such obvious humility in the face of such heightened natural and supernatural odds?”
    “We Buddhists do not believe in the Christian Sin that haunts your routine Western Work Hour.”

    Fu#$! I forgot where I was going with this. Do not fear the Sunshine crickets!

  2. His Handlers at Newsong were afraid he might have a thought of his own and realize there is actually more than one religion in the world.

      1. I don’t know, I have seen council members step outside of meetings to keep a quorum from happening, but never understood why 4 or more can show up to some functions without it being a problem.

  3. Grasshoper says; Woman represent hearth of family, She is flame of Warmth and Nurture. To preserve future, pacify the Vanity in flux and embrace the temperament. Do not cross the woman, let her look pretty.

  4. Grasshoper says; Only true Jedi Warrior knows how to cross Woman and bring her into the fold as an Ally, with better wear.

  5. I’m not sure but I’ve been told that this is the first city council in California history (if not the U.S.) with all members 5 foot 5 inches tall or less.

  6. Benavides, ain’t five.5 tall. He is tall dark and handsome and Gay friendly. (According to some random commenter, He and Reyna and Busty all have really big PPs or think that they do, or something like that.

  7. Hey Art. Have you gotten any campaign mail from this David fellow who supposedly is running for Mayor? I have not and I’ve asked my friends who live all over Santa Ana and none of them have either. What is he doing with his money if he is not sending out any mail?
    I’ll bet lots of people have already voted. He’s not a serious candidate.

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