Tue. Mar 21st, 2023

I asked SAUSD School Board candidate Cecilia Iglesias to clarify her position on the Dream Act.  You may recall that her fellow Republicans, Robert Hammond and Charles Hart, brow beat her at a meeting of the OC GOP Endorsement Committee into disavowing the Dream Act.

But now Iglesias says she is not against it at all although she does not refer to the Dream Act by name in her statement.  Here then is her statement clarifying her position on the Dream Act:

To all residents and voters of Santa Ana,

My name is Cecilia “Ceci” Iglesias. I am a candidate for Santa Ana School Board. I am passionate about education and that is the reason why I am running to represent you at the School Board level.

I believe that ALL students deserve access to quality education in our Santa Ana Schools. That is why I founded a nonprofit organization to provide homework assistance to deaf and hard of hearing students and to teach sign language to the parents of deaf children. I believe we should provide English Language Learner programs for students who have English as their Second Language.

I strongly believe that all students who have graduated from our Santa Ana schools should have the opportunity to attend and participate within our colleges and universities as California residents. I support giving our children an opportunity to quality education regardless of national origin. This is the only way we will develop productive citizens in our Santa Ana communities.
Please join me, along with Santa Ana students and parents, to “PUT STUDENTS FIRST!”

Thank you for your vote,
Cecilia “Ceci” Iglesias

Click here to view Iglesias’ endorsements.

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8 thoughts on “SAUSD School Board candidate Ceci Iglesias addresses the Dream Act”
  1. Cici has twice as much education as Roman Reyna.

    Seriously. This is someone who while could use some better credentials is hands down better than the incumbant Renya.

    I wish more PARENTS would get involved.

    the trouble is most don’t have the time and resouces because they are busy raising thier kids.

  2. Ceci, thank you for supporting all students regardless of our national origin. I will spread the word and encourage all of the voters that I know to vote for you. I like your web page information of your background. You have given a lot to our community, the parents, and mainly “The Students”

  3. Ceci is a caring, engaged, and dedicated mother. She is educated and cares about our students’ wellbeing and our students’ education. Unlike Reyna, she will not pass laws that teach about gays and lesbians indoctrinating our children from Kindergartend-12, at such an early staget. She is a responsible woman, and unlike Reyna, she will not only be attending the school board meetings once she’s elected, but will a great asset to our city a motivation to other Latino parents out there to get involved.

  4. LOL people here find any excuse to bash someone. Reyna isn’t even running for school board or is in any way mentioned in this post. It is true what they say, “Haters gonna hate” right Carpetbagger?

    1. I think the point he was trying to make, is that Ceci, is already way more qualified than the academic lightweight that is Roman Reyna.

      We have people who don’t have children, who don’t have an education sitting on the board now.

      Try typing in English, LOL? come on are you in Jr. high?

  5. I agree with Silly Goose,

    This is not about Reyna. This is about Cecilia “Ceci” Iglesias and her candidacy to serve on the Santa Ana School Board.

    Ceci is the best qualified candidate for this position. She is a mother of a child that attends our Santa Ana public schools. She is a product of the Public Schools. She is trilingual as she is fluent in English, Spanish and American Sign Language.

    She has served the Santa Ana Youth as a Board member for the Santa Ana Youth Council and has founded a non profit to help the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students with their homework.

    She has the Contract Administration Experience and was a Social Worker for the county of Orange.

    CECI has my VOTE… I encourage everyone to visit her webpage at http://www.savesausd.com

    VOTE CECILIA “CECI” IGLESIAS for Santa Ana School Board.

  6. I don’t care what a candidate’s political view is or the amount of shoulder candy they have (endorsements.) If their true passion is to improve the education of students then they have MY VOTE. Education should not be about politics!

    Ceci is definitely one of the three who have my vote.

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