Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

Mike Moodian, a candidate for South Orange County Community College District board of trustees in Area 7, where he is running against disgraced former public administrator John Williams, has written a new report, which exposes Orange County’s community college trustees’ wasteful spending (all four districts).

Moodian’s report is based on extensive research of documents gained through public records requests. The report is posted here.

Moodian’s key findings and recommendations are:

1. In an era when transparency should be of the utmost importance among public agencies, the Coast Community College District has not complied with his public records requests. We should never tolerate public agencies that are not transparent.

2. There is a sizeable discrepancy among districts in the amounts of money paid to community college trustees. The South Orange County Community College District pays each trustee $400 per month, while the Coast Community College District pays each trustee an astounding $1,027.23 per month. In an effort to save money, no community college district should pay its trustees more than $400 per month.

3. Many trustees enjoy exceptional health benefits though they are only part-time officials. The Rancho Santiago Community College District spends $172,661.28 per year on health benefits for its elected board members.

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