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Who is Julio Perez?  He is the virtually unknown Democrat and labor consultant running to replace Jose Solorio in the 69th Assembly District.

His endorsers are a Who’s Who of failed Santa Ana mayoral candidate Al Amezcua’s backers and other lame Democrats.  However Perez could affect this race by handing the primary election to Tom Daly, a truly terrible Democrat who is as bad as most Republicans when it comes to immigrants and the working poor.  If Perez takes enough Latino votes from leading candidate Michele Martinez, who is a Santa Ana Council Member, the vote split could put Daly on top.

I don’t think Perez has ever had a real job, in the private sector.  Here is what I found on his Facebook page:

  • Julio began his career, as a policy analyst for the Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy (LAANE).
  • Prior to his current position as senior policy analyst for the United Food and Commercial Workers, Julio served as political director for the Orange County Labor Federation.

Yep, no real jobs.  Just a bunch of labor posts.

Julio says that he “understands that a well-qualified workforce can help drive business growth in our communities.”  Seriously?  When was the last time that unions drove business growth?  LOL!  They usually kill jobs and hurt businesses.  Remember that stupid grocery strike a few years back?  I reckon Julio was all over that.  How many union supermarkets were permanently closed as a direct result of that strike?

Vern Nelson, over at the Orange Juice blog, asked Perez a few softball questions recently.  When asked about pension reform, Julio said:

Orange County employees have led the effort to reform pensions and have saved taxpayers millions.  Bringing all sides to the table and hammering out reforms that protect both taxpayers and employees is the way to go.

What a joke!  OC Labor leaders are responsible for the early cop and firemen retirements that are bankrupting all California cities.  Nick Berardino, in particular, screwed us all.  Nice try Julio.

Vern asked Julio about crime and Julio hemmed and hawed but he did not take any strong positions.  Typical.  He said “I want to learn more about the best ways to prevent crime, reducing recidivism and ensure we do not waste taxpayer money on any project.”  This guy is running for the Assembly – shouldn’t he already have the answers ready to go?

Julio did this again when asked about healthcare.  The guy has NO ANSWERS at all.  Just like Amezcua last year in his lame campaign for Mayor of Santa Ana.  How did that work out for Amezcua?

Perez told the O.C. Register that “the major themes of his campaign will be creating jobs and investing in education.”  What does a union hack know about creating jobs?  What a joke!  And the problem with education isn’t a lack of investment but rather a lack of choice – and accountability.

Julio also says that he will find “creative ways to increase government revenue” such as raising taxes on the top 1 percent of earners.  That isn’t creative.  That is class warfare and it will discourage the wealthy from investing in companies and creating jobs.  Increasing taxes is a sure way to KILL jobs!

Perez recently told the Liberal OC that he is going to bring business and labor together.  How can that be?  Perez is clearly going to be yet another labor hack in Sacramento – exactly the sort of politicians who have bankrupted our state! If you don’t believe it, check out the website of the organization he first worked at, LAANE.  Truly scary stuff – their solution is to unionize every business sector.  Are you ready for higher prices across the board?  No bueno!  There is a reason NOT ONE business organization has endorsed this guy!

Perez told another blog that his job ideas include  including high speed rail and green technologies.  Are you kidding?  High speed rail is a complete boondoggle and green jobs – is he going to give our millions to failed companies like Solyndra?

California has the highest unemployment in the country.  Our state economy is a mess.  The current Assemblyman in the 69th District, Jose Solorio, recently got punked by Governor Jerry Brown when he tried to pass a bill that would have forced building service contractors to hire the employees of other contractors who lost their bids to perform their services.  If you think that bill was a great idea, then Julio is your man to replace Solorio.

If you actually want an Assembly Member who has real, practical business experience and who is progressive without being a far-left goon, then your only choice is Santa Ana Councilwoman Michele Martinez.  And if you want a Democrat who may as well be a Republican, then Daly is your man.

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41 thoughts on “Who is Julio Perez?”
  1. And just after you posted this, Julio added two more “likes” — perhaps due to this endorsement. Nice work!

    Yeah, imagine a policy analyst being a good legislator! “What does policy analysis have to do with legislating?”

    1. A policy analyst for labor. You left that part out.

      Also, apparently you live in Brea. Why are you so obsessed with Santa Ana politics?

  2. Now seeing Perez next to that chick in red I think we have another Bustamate in making.

    FAQ: Do they have strong conference tables in the Sacramento?…. Stronger than in OC?

  3. Why am I so obsessed with OC reps to the California legislature, you mean? I live in California.

    I may have feelings about who should be elected to Santa Ana city positions, but I don’t dwell on them. A lot of those feelings, by the way, developed from reading your critical work on the Pulido machine, by the way, back before — you know. That was all true, right?

    1. Brea is not part of the 69th Assembly District which is dominated by Santa Ana.

      I wrote those articles back when the Usual Suspects controlled the Council. It is now an all-Latino Council with only one Republican left. That would be Bustamante, who was reelected in 2008 with help from Solorio.

  4. Why do you question people for their interest in SanTanna politics when you opine about politics in others cities where you don’t live?

  5. “Why am I so obsessed with OC reps to the California legislature, you mean?”

    As I stated in OJB you are moron mongoloid who pop-up just recently to destruct commentators in bot OJB and NSA, Man from Encino.

    It is gone be nightmare with one more idiot like you around here. I hope that Zorro will get tired of you soon.

    Nelson on the other hand has bran of 5 year old so he will tolerate you longer because he can’t recognize IQ only Left and Right.

  6. Again, I’m interested in who gets sent to the legislature (and Congress) because those bodies vote on bills that I care about and that affect me personally. That’s it. What the Santa Ana council does, in contrast, is not part of my beat. (But what Santa Ana players do re the legislature is.)

    As I said in my OJ post, I think that Perez is outstanding, Martinez is fine, and Daly is conservative for a Dem. So, I rank them in that order. But I don’t hate any of them and I don’t like the politics of personal destruction — or their associates — even when I oppose them. I won’t repeat my other criticisms here. I do think that any analysis of AD-69 has to start with recognizing how a top-two primary changes strategy.

    The Council wasn’t Latino back then, but the Mayor was — and thought to be a bit influential, as I recall. Come on, I can read the OJ archive. In the spirit of cooperation among fellow members of the Solorio fan club, I won’t post links.

    Yes, Stanley, I will never satisfy your tastes the way that Pauly Shore can. I’m at peace with that.

    Vern, stop posting as “Anon,” though I admit that that was funny.

  7. Julio and his Shill “Greg Diamond” represent exactly what is wrong.

    Instead of getting local residents to engage, the party machine, decided somewhere along the way to make those choices for us.

    So add Brea to the list along with Irvine and Long Beach (why are so many LBC residents interested in our county politics???)of places that apparently have ZERO Democrat activity, so they glob on here??

    Diamond has the makikings of a paid Shill, are you sure he isn’t that other guy who “Retired”?

  8. Forget who is Julio,

    Who is the chick in the red???

    Looks a lot like the LOC favorite carpetbagging kitten Lori Galloway!

    She is smart enough to take Bi-Partisan advice and bought a “water bra”, clearly taking Bustamontes pitch.

    How’s that for a post?? Called it like I see it in a single shot…..You can thank me later Edwin…..I mean Chris!

  9. Fiala Fail.

    “OC DEM” — I was going to ask you to clarify, but I don’t have the makikings of someone who carares.

    1. Greg,

      If you are so fascinated by Santa Ana why don’t you move here? Otherwise please go back to being a meaningless Democrat in GOP dominated Brea.

  10. Anytime Michele M. enters a race another Hispanic “leader” is thrown in the mix to split the vote.What is the deal w/this PATTERN? Why does she bother? is she just trying to gain experience and get name recognition for some “bigger better post” in a few years? Just seems like she is some pawn and I do not understand what she is getting out of the “arrangement” …

  11. My comment to Geoff Willis about this story was: thanks for posting the story! I will call the other councilmember who I think may provide a third vote to put repeal on the agenda and lobby him. Mm-kay?

    (I have to admit that I don’t follow the weekly ins and outs of Brea politics that closely, because it is already paradise here and I’m generally content so long as they don’t ruin it. And thanks, everyone, for the sales tax revenue! It helps fund lots of wonderfully socialist civic entertainment!)

    Art, the notion of caring about legislative races only if one lives in the district is ridiculous. I helped elect a Democrat in a special election in NY-20 2-1/2 years ago, because that person would be voting in the U.S. Congress that governs me. I felt no responsibility to move there before doing so. I want Issa to lose in his new South OC district, even without my moving to San Clemente. Don’t you?

    1. Lame. Willis lives in Mission Viejo. Sounds like you OJ bloggers need a map of the county. Here is a novel idea, why not write about the communities you live in? You have zero credibility opining on Santa Ana politics.

  12. Should the 69th be all about “just getting along?”

    Do you really want someone who we do what they be told by the powers that be? Or someone who will call them out on the carpet and represent the majority population of the area?

    1. Exactly. Michele will represent the greatest portion of the district, which is Santa Ana, and as a Latina born here in the U.S. she will be able to stand up for all of us.

      I am looking forward to seeing the Assembly office moved to downtown Santa Ana once she wins!

  13. “Michele will represent the greatest portion of the district, which is Santa Ana, and as a Latina born here in the U.S. she will be able to stand up for all of us.”…… Hmmmmm

    So far she demonstrated that she is totally ignorant re Cal. Civil Code section 47(b) and is presiding over 20-30M budget deficit annually since she was elected which is well synonymous with Latina (since you raised the race Zorro) so she is qualified to represent us.

    Definitely out of the three candidates Daily, Perez and here, she is lesser evil.

    I personally do not have any expectation to improve SA coming from that office anyway.

    More evil more unrest, more occupations and eventually good blood bath.

  14. I should add that if Michele would be smart (as I am) she would prepare legal brief on Cal. Civil Code section 47(b), put it on the agenda and show that she is legally more mature than Esq. Alvarez, Sermiento and Straka.

    She could publish the brief in the OC Register and show that she is above the both plebeians Daily and definitely unionized drone Perez.

    She could distinguish herself but will she?

  15. I decided I am giving Diamond and Perez, the benefit of my reconsideration. I was put off by his lack of popularity outside labor circles, I was totally turned off by his canned “education, jobs…..bullsh*t intro line” that was a big ALERT.

    But, i’ll reserve judgement. While upward mobile for sure, we know where Martinez has been and her struggle and her aspirations aside, she might slug out a good one.

    I am told by my neighbor, that while I close on the fix is in thing, it’s more about the party losing the seat than getting the right dem elected. I gather they would take name calling Alverez over a Viet republican.

  16. Honestly, Faila, I think that I’ve paid more attention to Encino — pondering why you think it’s an insult, let alone one applied to me — in the past week than in the rest of my life combined. So do you follow the ins and outs of Camarillo?

    Art, Willis explains why he follows Brea politics in a comment. You should have taken a moment to read it.

    “You have zero credibility opining on Santa Ana politics.” Honestly, if you don’t want to find out how much I know, and can find out, you probably shouldn’t say that.

  17. It doesn’t really have to do with smarts. It has more to do with being disinterested. I will admit to being smarter than Faila, but that’s not a huge accomplishment.

    1. As I recall, the Democrats offered zero Latino candidates for statewide office last year. Your candidate for Governor was a really old white guy. And Santa Ana residents were leading the County in foreclosures. Can you really blame our voters for being disinterested?

      I personally voted for Brown. There was no way I was going to vote for the Mexican-bashing Whitman. It paid off in my eyes since Brown signed both parts of the CA Dream Act.

      Contrast that with Obama, who doubled the deportation rate. I am glad I voted for the Libertarian presidential candidate.

      At any rate, we don’t need your paternalistic attitude here in Santa Ana.

      By the way, why didn’t you speak up when your pals at the LOC Photoshopped Martinez as Snooki? Or did you find that funny?

  18. [“You have zero credibility opining on Santa Ana politics.” Honestly, if you don’t want to find out how much I know, and can find out, you probably shouldn’t say that.]…… Hmmmmm

    OK Encino, tell us what do you know about Santa Ana politics to restore your credibility which is currently zero.

  19. “It paid off in my eyes since Brown signed both parts of the CA Dream Act”….. Hmmmmm

    That was stupid from Brown!…. he thing he is cool.


    There will be big backlash, referendum, which will make any amnesty further impossible.

    You should dump Cedillo who is only screwing things up for Latinos.

    Same like waving Mexican flag.

    1. Don’t be so bitter Fiala. This means good kids will have a chance to continue their education, in college. That is a good thing for our society.

  20. Dammit, Faila/Camarillo, now you have me agreeing with Art! (Actually, that’s not so surprising. I agree with him on all sorts of things.)

    About 2010, Art:

    Hector de la T had the misfortune of running against a strong candidate in Dave Jones. Had he run for LG, I’d have supported him. From all accounts I’ve heard, he’s honest.

    Nava was my 2nd choice for AG after Kamala, because he didn’t have the fundraising chops. Who did you support, Torrico?

    I’m pretty happy (except for some farmworker/Labor vetos and such) with the “old white guy” — an area where we seem to agree. I don’t regret the months I put into his campaign. I don’t think that nominating Hector or Pedro would have make the Latino voters less uninterested (not “disinterested”), though. That’s reductionist.

    As for the paternalistic attitude, I favor a Latino candidate that I think is great over one I think would probably be good. It’s offensive for you to pretend that you speak for all Latinos on this race.

    I didn’t see that Photoshop of Michelle. If you read my comments at OJB, though, you’ll see that I’ve repeatedly defended Michelle’s intelligence and rejected smears regarding her long-past actions. I don’t hate her; I just don’t think she’s as good. Plus, some of her supporters disturb me. (Not you, primarily, though you have not been helping here.)

    I want to see a clean race in AD-69. Can you say the same? There’s time to take the pledge. Michelle might even prefer it!

    1. I did support Hector. I was disappointed that he lost. Jones seems like a nice guy. I haven’t really paid much attention to him since the election.

      I don’t pretend to speak for all Latinos, but as a child of Mexican immigrants and a longtime resident of Santa Ana, I have a lot more credibility writing about Santa Ana politics than all of these out of town bloggers.

  21. You have got to stop calling AD-69 “Santa Ana politics.” It’s “Santa Ana, Central Anaheim, East Garden Grove, and a slice of Orange” politics, and it’s a legislative seat so it affects the whole state.

    And, as someone noted, you opine on politics out of your area all the time. Please spare me the trouble of collecting links.

    Hector is a good guy. Jones was simply more specifically prepared to be Insurance Commissioner, as I think that his performance this year has demonstrated. (Speaking of which, at least you and I can agree about Jose Solorio’s disgraceful performance re the hearings on AB-52) as discussed here: http://www.orangejuiceblog.com/2011/09/democratic-senator-lou-correa-helps-kill-ab52-which-would-have-protected-us-consumers-from-exorbitant-health-insurance-hikes/.)

    1. You are an expert on redistricting, so I am sure you know that Santa Ana dominates the 69th. And Brea isn’t in the district.

      Solorio has been a huge disappointment this year on many counts.

  22. “Don’t be so bitter Fiala. This means good kids will have a chance to continue their education, in college. That is a good thing for our society”…….. Hmmmmmm

    Yes I know the leftist slogan especially when you are not paying for it and I am not bitter.

    I am telling you what will happen so you will not be bitter when it will get overturned and real racism will start because of it.

    And that will happen only when white people will get abused by Latinos some more.

    So watch the referendum going like it vent for Prop. 8.

  23. Population of AD-69: 465,317.

    Population of Santa Ana: 324,528.

    So you might think so — but you’d probably be wrong.

    Here are the results for the Santa Ana Mayor’s race in 2010:

    MIGUEL PULIDO 21,588 49.5%
    ALFREDO AMEZCUA 11,689 26.8%
    CHARLES HART 4,216 9.7%
    GEORGE COLLINS 3,820 8.8%
    ROY ALVARADO 2,339 5.4%

    That’s a total of 43,652 votes, about 10-2/3%.

    Anaheim has a population of 336,265. Its turnout for a less-close and less-bitterly fought Mayoral race than Santa Ana’s was 61,237, or 18.2%.

    TOM TAIT 33,340 54.4%
    SHIRLEY MCCRACKEN 19,668 32.1%
    DENIS FITZGERALD 8,229 13.4%

    I recognize that that includes Anaheim Hills — but that region isn’t huge and Santa Ana has upscale areas of its own. Without looking at the Anaheim precincts within this district specifically, which I hope someone here has the ability to do, it seems plausible that the Anaheim turnout rate will be much higher.

    By the way, Garden Grove overall has a population of 170,883, of whom 35,841, or 21%, came out to vote. Again, that’s going to be mostly the wealthier areas to the west; notably, there was not a Vietnamese candidate.

    So Santa Ana just tends not to vote. Maybe the other parts of the district will be the same. Maybe, given that for some of them this will be the first good chance in quite a while to vote for a State Assembly rep, not.

    One thing: the low vote totals would seem to favor someone with a good field operation. Who of the three Dems does that sound like?

    Sorry — I do like Michelle. But even if she has the backing of the Pulido Machine, the Pulido Machine only pulled out 21,000 for the Mayor himself against Amezcua. It took a strong (and not inexpensive) field organizer for Loretta to beat Van Tran, who should have been hopelessly outnumbered. Where is Michelle, who pulled out a little under 35,000 votes from Santa Ana running unopposed in her ward — about 9000 fewer votes than were cast during the Mayor’s race — going to find that?

  24. Here’s your answer Admin: Julio Perez is the guy you will be writing about for the next 12 years if a November prop passes. Otherwise, he’s the guy you will be writing about for at least six least.

    Also, I don’t know you since you hide behind the Admin label, but if your writing skill is any indicator of your true stature, you will need to stand on a chair to kiss Julio’s ass.

    I don’t need to quote facts, Admin, reality will back me up.

  25. The first candidate to declare candidacy was Julio Perez. He had a good level of support since the get, the real question is why would Michele set herself up for failure, AGAIN.

    The level of sophistication in his campaign declares him clearly as being the front runner. Michele may be well intentioned, but Julio’s level of sincerity and possession of a SPINE clearly set him apart.

  26. & someone forgot to mention he looks like he’s 13 years old …ha ha…doesn’t look like someone I would take serious…really

    I endorse Miss Martinez!

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