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Santa Ana’s service workers are going all in with the unknown Julio Perez

The City of Santa Ana’s service employees aren’t happy with City Manager Paul Walters and our City Council – “”The day after council members approved the new agreement with service employees, union leaders announced their endorsement of Julio Perez, who is running against Martinez and Orange County Clerk-Recorder Tom Daly for the 69th Assembly District seat,” according to the Voice of OC.

Imagine that.  These union workers have decided to stick it to the people of Santa Ana by endorsing a candidate from Anaheim, Perez, instead of Councilwoman Martinez, who grew up here, graduated from our schools, and still lives here.  Amazing.

Orange County’s labor leaders are generally none too bright, but this one really takes the cake.  Don’t they know that legislators often bring state funds back to their district?  Do you really think Perez is going to favor Santa Ana over his hometown, Anaheim?

When Martinez wins, you think she will be returning the SEIU’s phone calls?

For that matter, does Perez even have a chance of winning – with no name I.D. and no experience running for anything before?  There is one more Democrat int he race for the 69th – O.C. Clerk-Recorder Tom Daly.  If this race comes down to money, Daly will win.  In either case Perez has no chance at this seat – he can only harm Martinez’ chances by splitting the Latino vote.  What a waste!

Talk about cutting off their noses to spite their faces.  Wait till these people get a load of Daly.  He is about as anti-Mexican and anti-working families as any O.C. Republican.  If he wins, we’ll know who to blame – the Santa Ana SEIU workers!

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8 thoughts on “Santa Ana’s unionized service employees stick it to the people of Santa Ana”
  1. There is also another Candidate. His name is Robert Hammond. I believe with all the Democrats fighting it will be easy for Robert to win. Robert for Assembly 2012.

  2. “Santa Ana’s unionized service employees stick it to the people of Santa Ana”……… Hmmmmmm

    The politic is a sport.

    It ain’t over until it is over and the fat lady screams!


  3. Stanley Fiala or Steve Rocco have not entered the race yet.

    JOSE SOLORIO (DEM) 36,436 65.4%
    ROBERT M. HAMMOND (REP) 19,273 34.6%

    CLAUDIA ALVAREZ 40,261 78.6%
    LISANN MARTINEZ 10,930 21.4%

    Just by the numbers, looks to me that Alvarez could jump into the race at the last second, spend no money at all and still walk away with the election.

  4. SEIU went form 1500 working families in Santa Ana to 400. I like it when our families have health insurance and a living wage. Martinez and her crew bankrupted the city. Why should any of them(city council & mayor) be supported?

    1. The city is broke because former City Manager Dave Ream gave away the farm in the form of early retirements and huge pensions for the cops and firemen. Don’t blame Michele – I know for a fact she was the only Council Member who at all spoke up against this.

      Elect Perez and what you will get is a Marxist who will further bankrupt our state. Elect Daly and you may as well vote for the Republican. Good luck with that.

  5. Wow! You are starting the red scare in 2012. I don’t think your comment is appropriate, but I like your style. Drama is always fun, but are your followers of your blog this gullible?

    Ream is the fall guy…since he is out of the pic?

    I blame Michele, the mayor and council for city budget problems, since it was on their watch.
    Michele and the rest of that group should stand up and take responsibility for what they have done, anything else is cowardly.

    1. Perhaps you buy into Perez’ loony labor schtick – most people in Santa Ana don’t. This isn’t a union city. Less than 20% of Latino workers belong to unions in the first place. Most Californians are none too happy with what union pensions have done to our cities and our state.

      Ream may be out of the picture but like farts in an elevator his presence is still stinking up city hall. It will be awhile before our Council can undo his mess.

      And no it was not on their watch. Most of Ream’s loony schemes came long before, back when Republicans controlled our council.

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