Thu. Sep 28th, 2023

Brian Probolsky goes fishing

Orange County First District Supervisor Andrew Do immediately disappointed us when he hired his Chief of Staff – the odious and overpaid Brian Probolsky.  Probolsky is being paid over $60 an hour – and now we know what we, the taxpayers, are getting for our money.

Do recently dispatched Probolsky to the “Annual Kids’ Fishing Derby,” at the North Lake of Mile Square Regional Park in Fountain Valley. OC Parks hosted the event with the California Department of Fish and Game and United Anglers of Southern California.

Open to children 15 years old and under, the Fishing Derby stocked the lake with trout and catfish for the attendees. Children were divided into different age groups for the derby and winners were awarded prizes. The event included fishing clinics and provided a free barbecue lunch for the families in attendance.

Probolsky, attended the event to count down the official start of the derby.  The picture of Probolsky, above, will live forever as a testament to what over $60 an hour looks like.

Supervisor Do represents most of Little Saigon and the City of Santa Ana.  The per capita income in Santa Ana is $16,374, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.  That works out to $7.87 an hour (at a rate of forty hours a week).  And Probolsky is making over $60 an hour, which comes to about $135K a year.  The median household income in Santa Ana is $53,335 a year.  That’s right – Probolsky is making almost two and a half times the median household income in Santa Ana.

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7 thoughts on “What Supervisor Do is paying Probolsky over $60 an hour to do will shock you”
  1. This might mean something if you made a comparison to other Supes staff duties and compensation – but you didn’t – so it doesn’t.

    1. The problem of overpaid Supervisorial staffers is indeed existent in all their offices but Probolsky in particular is grossly overpaid because of schemes undertaken by his previous boss, Pat Bates.

  2. HOw can this not happen when we have a community that is so fragmented that few can
    distinguish between there tail and there head. A community that is divided does not have power and can easily be taken on a ride. It is a fundamental principal of our society so as not to position too much power in one entity that can later become a force of change.

  3. Brian is the brother of Adam Probolsky and no doubt Andrew Do needs to keep a good relationship going with Adam particularly since Andrew Do still owes $158,000 to his campaign consultants and others as well as repaying himself a $40,000 loan he made to his campaign. Adam is viewed as part of the insider Republican contingency that endorses Republicans for local office and raises campaign funds for them. Andrew Do will need their help to get out of the hole he put himself in to win the Supervisor’s seat.

    That being said, it is hard to imagine that anyone working as a Supervisorial Aide should be getting $60 an hour. Is this how our Republican Supervisors spend taxpayer’s funds?

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