Sun. Jun 16th, 2024

Imagine if you will that instead of an unarmed Manuel “Stomper” Diaz getting chased down and shot in the back, the victim had been some random white skateboarder in Anaheim Hills? And what if the shooter had been a Latino cop? Oh my. What a different outcome we would have – or would we?

The O.C. Register today asked for calm in Anaheim, opining “The Register’s Editorial Board urges calm and healing at this time of division in the community. We believe a small minority may feel there is something to be gained by inciting further violent confrontations. Nothing is to be gained by fanning animosity on either side of the issue.”

Well yes, I agree that violence is not going to help the mess in Anaheim but make no mistake about it, if the shoe were on the other foot we would today have mobs of white people freaking out in Anaheim.

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4 thoughts on “What if Latino cops had shot a white guy in Anaheim Hills?”
  1. What if a white Westminster cop had shot an unarmed video Store owner dislaying a Ho Chi Minh poster? They would have made him Grand Marshall in the next Tet Festival parade!

  2. I do not think that police shootings are necessarily racially motivated.

    The main motivation is the war on drugs, war on gangs, war on poverty, war on homelessness etc. etc. etc. and police are in these stupid wars and every young cop wants to shoot to kill so he can tattoo smoking gun on his shoulder, an insignia of cool cop among the cops.

    So obviously cops will go where all that may be most apparent.

    Because the American laws are so tilted in favor of police the American police is most brutal police in the world and I do not understand why people are so much in support of police and why they do not understand that cops are pigs.

    Pulido’s SAPD policies killed more Mexicans in twenty years of his tenure than any white mayor did, yet Mexicans are so stupid that they will vote for him just because he is Mexican.

    The police shooting will continue as long as people will elect wrong DA, sheriff and mayor.

      1. Furthermore, in Indiana the new law allows to shoot pigs in self defense. See

        Perhaps it is California’s Liberal-Progressive-Socialistic-Bolshevism which disarms people and disallows defense against the pigs.

        Not racism!!!!!

        The racism is to vote for Brown….. Huh Art?

        In November do not vote for Obama and the Liberals or you may be soot by a pig.

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