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Bad news for Tom Daly, the O.C. Clerk-Recorder who is supposedly thinking of running for termed-out Assemblyman Jose Solorio’s 69th Assembly District.  I just got a hold of the “Final Findings by the County Purchasing Department for a Purchasing Compliance Review” of Daly’s agency. This 2009 report clearly shows that Daly thinks he is above County policy, as he continues to skirt the County’s purchasing guidelines, enrich his friends and waste hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Click here to read the full report for yourself.

Here are the “lowlights” of Daly’s shady purchasing practices:

  • Finding 2: Here you see how Daly totally ignores County policy and fails to go to the Board for approval of a sole sorce contract. No bids were taken, even proposals for work to be done are missing. He tries to avoid going to the Board by splitting contracts. This is one of the things Chris Street got in trouble for. Why not Daly??
  • Finding 3: Again this seems to be an attempt to split contracts so they dont get to an amount that needs Board approval.
  • Finding 4: He Daly puts the County at risk by not enduring that vendors he hires have proper insurance. Probaly buddies of his.
  • Finding 6: Here again Daly is caught splitting contracts so he doesn’t have to go to the Board for approval. It appears that vendors got paid multiple times in some cases for the same work.
  • Finding 7: Again, is Daly awarding contracts to buddies? No Sole Source justifications again avoiding the Board and disregarding County policy.
  • Finding 8: Here Daly awarded $200,000 to a prefered vendor. Again not going to the Board for approval. What did the County get for these $200,000 + and who is FA Systems?
  • Finding 10: More avoiding the Board at the tune of $110,000. Look how he blames the way the ASR was written as an excuse for his wild spending ways. Again who got these contracts??
  • Finding 12: Here is another shady way Daly hides expenses. He exceeded his Temporary Help budget so instead of going to the Board he has the purchaser pay with a county credit card. Recordings have been way low from 2005 levels so why the temp help? Most of these are buddies or kids of his friends so he has the tax payers pay for his favors to friends. The question is how much did Daly spend over the approved amount. I thought the approving official was personally liable for any amount he spends avor the approved amounts by the Board?

And this guy wants us to send him to Sacramento?  Are you kidding me?

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12 thoughts on “Tom Daly gets caught flaunting County of Orange purchasing policies”
  1. Tom Daly is abusing taxpayers money and the Board of Supervisors is afraid of him. He has many friends in building 10 who works for the Board of Supervisors so they don’t dare to mess with him. The only way Tom Daly gets in trouble is if he gets caught red handed and even than he would get away with it.

    Good post Admin but even with the facts that you have provided the Board of Supervisors will look the other way. I hope this idiot will not run for Assembly.

    Too bad we can’t fired this idiot!

    This is a great post but you need to email this post to the LA Times or OC Weekly (Moxley) not the OC Register because Jean Pasco was hired to protect Tom Daly and she has many friends at the OC Register so they will not go after him.

  2. I love the title. “Fictitious Business” Truth is stranger than fiction in power politics. I will never donate another penny to any of these parties.

  3. What the hell man. I split some contacts and I get hammered. What is up with this pastee old guy?? Oh I forgot, I didnt have a 12d fund to cover for my excess spending. I gotta give it to you Tommy lad, I messed up once in a whiel but you Tommy mess up on a Daly basis. More dirt on this bastard please!!!

  4. Admin, you and Mill come do a Meet and Greet with Theo Friday night. Leave your camera and spies at home. Bring Shrimp Scampi if you wish. Ummmmm. Shrimp Scampi. ummmmm. I’m fing hungry now got to go.

  5. Even when the County lost $48 million dollars. Tom Daly continue to spend taxpayers money. He wasted $2.1 million dollars on that archive building and its still sitting empty the past 3 years.

    Chris Hall was the past purchaser for Tom Daly who ignored the County purchasing rules because thats what Tom Daly wanted him to do. He didnt get demoted but instead he is examining documents working out of class since 2009.

    He gets pay the same and he is the highest paid document examiners in the state. Renee Ramirez is covering up for Chris Hall because he would go public with all the illegal purchase for her house if got fired. If you dont believe do a public record request with HR for Chris Hall.

  6. My friend works at the Clerk Recorder office. She said that Chris Hall does nothing but sit around. Chris told her they can’t do anything to him because he has documentation of some illegal transactions that Tom Daly and Renee Ramirez made him do. He said that he help Renee Ramirez prepared an ASR to pay Southtech even though the work was already 95% done. He said that Tom Daly and Renee Ramirez gets kick back from Southtech. Chris said that they have sole source with Southtech for millions of dollars and monthly service contracts.

  7. Tom Daly is worst than Carlos Bustamante!

    The County should investigate all his sexual encounter with Renee, Ana, Chantha and Martha. The truth will come out soon Tom! We have pictures and witnesses that saw you out shopping with Ana on County time.

    Martha told a few people that she did it because you promised to give her a promotion and a raise.

    This is illegal Tom you should be ashamed of yourself and come out clean before one these girls will start talking soon.

  8. This was marginally interesting. Why are you touting an audit report from 2009? Mot of the “findings” are avoidance of the bureautratic BS that cause governmetns to bog down and not get work done.

    1. Don’t worry Bob, we have more reports on the way.

      You put a novel spin on Daly’s repeated attempts to circumvent County purchasing policies in his unending quest to enrich himself and his friends. I don’t think the voters are going to buy your spin.

  9. Sorry Bob most of the violations are crappy accounting and purchasing practices. If you paid a bill for the same service two times in the private sector and kept doing it you would go broke. You would also fire the ass wipe that gave away your money an extra time. What Daly is doing is that he is rewarding his cronnies for no work done and is attempting to avoid scrutiny. You must be one of those ass who like to get money from the Daly’s of the world because you are used to stealing othe peoples money for no good reason.

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