Tue. Mar 21st, 2023

The Orange County Voter Registrar announced today that “We have finished all of our ballot counting and required audit functions from the June 5th Primary Election. Registrar of Voters, Neal Kelley, will certify the final results tomorrow following the preparation of the Statement of Votes. Our election results this evening indicate “unofficial” until we finalize tomorrow. We will be including write-in votes tomorrow as well.”

What does that mean?  It means the ballot counting is basically done.  And so is ultra-liberal union hack Julio Perez, who continues to lose in the race for the 69th Assembly District.  Even better, he is barely losing, to Republican candidate Jose Moreno, who barely spent any money in the primary.  Perez is about 250 votes behind Moreno, according to the updated June 14 results that were released tonight at 5 pm.  I hope the final margin is even closer than that!

There is little doubt that Perez and his union allies will pay for a recount.  Good.  That way they can waste more union dues on the lame Perez campaign.

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16 thoughts on “The open primary ballot counting is done – and so is Julio Perez”
  1. what I’m still trying to figure out is how did an unknown beat a sitting councilmember by over 1,000 votes! I voted for Michele but do not understand what happend to her.

  2. “She did not attack Pérez or Daly. Pérez’ attacks went unanswered.”……… Hmmmmmmm

    Biggest crapola promulgated by the amateur.

    Just look at he brochure! It speaks for it self.

    There is not a single statement which came from her head. It is all typical Democratic crapola written for the youth.

    Bottom line is that she thinks that she is too smart and will never take any advise from knowledgeable people and always surrounds her herself with the wrong people.

    I have expressed these concerns here as well as in my email to you Art.

    I know that you do not like Perez so when he runs for city council run against him and attack him and you will win.

  3. You and Martinez, Art, are two proud Latinos who can’t take an advise from the white European and the election results affirms that.

    Read this


    and this


    and other comments where I was trying to help you!

    You must campaign! and not only sending the expensive color garbage to voters.

    Maybe next time.

    1. There were too many minorities in my race for the OC Board of Education. Hammond had a clear advantage. I’m glad that the union candidate, Elizondo, lost.

  4. I should add that it would be strategically bad idea for councilwomen to go mud wrestling with fatso Perez.

    She correctly ignored Perez and Daly because it would be waste of energy to fight Daly in the primary.

    But she should put all her effort against Moreno to take as much as possible of libertarian votes from him via Ron Paul groupies.

    I walked my complex of 403 units and have talk to about 50 people so I know what they told me.

  5. “There were too many minorities in my race for the OC Board of Education”……… Hmmmmmmm

    Are you saying that the minorities (Latinos) are too stupid that they do not know who Ron Paul is and for what is he standing?

  6. “Paul’s own son endorsed Romney”……. Hmmmmmm

    You do not understand that move. Paul did not ran to get elected but to be main force in the convention and the party. His son is shooting for VP. I am sure that dad approves of it.

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