Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

The Lincoln Club of Orange County’s State and Federal Political Action Committees have issued a primary election Orange County voter guide, and it is a stunning slap to the Republican Party of Orange County’s slate of candidates in Central Orange County.

Why would the Lincoln Club reject them?  Well, for starters, most of them are startlingly anti-Latino.  One of them, Robert Hammond, got rejected not once but twice – the Lincoln Club refused to endorse him for both the OC GOP’s 69th Assembly District delegation and the Orange County Board of Education, Area One.

Thomas Gordon contemplates his rejection by the Lincoln Club

The Lincoln Club of Orange County’s website describes them as “an organization dedicated to limiting government to those legitimate functions that least intrude on the economy and the individual lives of its citizens while providing a strong defense securing individual liberties.”  What this means is that the Lincoln Club is not going to support candidates who are union hacks or who are in favor of government employee pension abuse.

Other 69th A.D. Republican Party Central Committee candidates who the Lincoln Club rejected include:

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3 thoughts on “The Lincoln Club rejects most of the OC GOP’s Central County candidates”
  1. While I agree with your review on this Mr. Admin, my guess is that they didn’t endorse because the 69th is too far from Corona Del Mar or Fashion Island to interest them. If the district they are reviewing has a Gonzalez Market and not a Gelson’s, then those racists could care less. The one man they did endorse, Glen Druid (Celtic Cult member straight out of Stonehenge?) must be willing to do their bidding.

    The whole OCGOP and Lincoln Club has become a sad joke. Did you notice that the Romney Delegates from Orange County are 99% white? (Baugh, Bucher, Druid, etc ) Nice diversity.

    What happened to that ethnic outreach the Lincoln Club was doing a few years back? Did they endorse Bustamante for Santa Ana city council again?

  2. Just checked in with some Republican friends and they tell me that Baugh searched Trailer Parks throughout Garbage Grove to find this Druid fellow. Seems he lives in a double-wide in Buena Clinton. Nice. Way to go OCGOP…you found the last of the Basura Blanca in Garden Grove to represent Romney at the convention! LOL

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