Thu. Sep 28th, 2023

Ken Nguyen, a Parks and Rec Commissioner in Santa Ana, has produced a YouTube video touting Jose Solorio for the 34th State Senate District.

While the video is in Vietnamese, Solorio summed it up in a Facebook entry:

“In the State Assembly, I successfully advocated for my Vietnamese-American constituents. Recognition of the Vietnamese Freedom & Heritage Flag by Legislature & Governor Brown, recognition of April as Vietnamese-American Month in CA, and I convinced Toyota & Lexus to stop using the communist flag to represent Vietnamese businesses on GPS navigation systems.”

Revoke Janet

Solorio is running against OC Supervisor Janet Nguyen, for the 34th State Senate District.  She angered many Westminster residents a few years ago when she tried to take over their annual Black Friday event. Here is how the Vietnamese Student Union described what happened after the Westminster City Council revoked Nguyen’s Black Friday permit:

Supervisor Janet Nguyen’s Black Friday permit got revoked, essentially, tonight, by the Westminster City Council, by a 3-1 vote.  In the end they relented and allowed her to keep the permit from 9 am to either 2 or 4 pm (there is some debate about that).  The community of Little Saigon will get to hold their event from 5 to 9 pm, which is when this event is usually held.

Why did Nguyen go to such lengths to screw her own people out of their event – a sacred function that allows the community to grieve over the loss of Vietnam?  Folks in Little Saigon were outraged by the Jannie takeover – you can read their comments over at the Bolsavik blog.

My sources tell me that Janet was bragging for months about how she was going to use this event to promote her team of candidates and electeds.  Now that dream has been shattered and folks are so upset that they are talking about recalling her!

I have even heard rumors that Janet was trying to “sell” candidates the right to appear on the stage with her at the Black Friday event.  I wonder how much she was going to charge Meg Whitman?

Janet Nguyen and Tom Bonikowski

There are also many older Vietnamese voters who took offense when Nguyen married a white guy named Tom Bonikowski.  Whether or not that remains an issue now that they have two kids is unknown.

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16 thoughts on “Solorio begins reaching out to Vietnamese voters in the 34th S.D.”
  1. Solorio mislead (lied) about being associated with or even being a veteran and now he is lying about supporting Prop 13 – he will lose.

  2. On this Seamus and I whole heartedly agree, he was shameful in his associations with our veterans. Showing their true colors along with Jose were local Democratic activists Francisco Barragan (who calls himself a veteran) and Greg Diamond, who claims to be a minion of the truth, but could not see where Jose was exploiting veterans for his own advancement.

    I’d rather have a thieving Nguyen, than a pansy liar like Solorio. At least with Janet, you know where you stand.

          1. I don’t care if she prioritized the moon – a vote for Jose is a vote for a dem senate super majority to raise taxes as they please.

          2. Raising taxes sucks but Nguyen has developed a reputation for nepotism and for selling her vote. Solorio is a moderate and he is fairly pro business. But he does hack for unions which is why we’re withholding an endorsement.

  3. I don’t know where being a JEW has anything to do with being an asshole. Diamond repeatedly tries to bully and talk his way into and out of controversy.

    Of Course, I am Art Pedroza, as are HUNDREDS of other posters who disagree with Greg. The bottom line is he’s a lonely sociopath, sitting in a bedroom of a rented apartment.

    Greg is a pussy. A broke one at that.

      1. Obviously, born again Christians give themselves the license to lie as well. They sin and then they rebirth.
        Agnostic cultural catholics are the only people worth a moral damn.

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