Fri. Mar 24th, 2023


State Assemblymember emeritus and now Rancho Santiago Community College District (RSCCD) Trustee, Jose Solorio announced his candidacy for the 34th Senate District a little over a month after being sworn in.

This means that Solorio had no intention of finishing his term, but he still ran for the position. A month into the position, and he is already planning to jump ship.  

Everyone should feel crestfallen, moreover betrayed by this sleazy career politician move.  Will he give the needed attention to his current elected position in the meanwhile? Doubt it! He’ll probably be more concerned about raising the funds for his 34th District race.

Should Solorio should first finish his current 4-year RSCCD term first – before he runs for some other office?  Or should he do us all a favor and resign now, so as to let someone serve who actually wants to serve for four years?

Say what you will about Santa Ana City Council Member Roman Reyna, but at least he finished his only four year term on the SAUSD School Board before he moved on to the City Council.  I believe Mayor Pro Tem Sal Tinajero did the same thing before he too ran for the City Council.

And now that I think about it, didn’t Solorio leave the City Council halfway through his last Council term?  He couldn’t be bothered to finish that term either.

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5 thoughts on “Shouldn’t RSCCD Trustee Solorio finish his first term before moving on?”
  1. Seems that some of the Santa Ana city politicos are jealous of Jose AGAIN because of his success.

    In the over 100 year history of the city of Santa Ana there are only 2, yes just TWO, Santa Ana local elected leaders who have been albe to crack the political code and get elected to higher office. (Former Santa Ana Mayor Jerry Patterson who was elected to Congress in the 1970’s and Mr. Solorio when he was elected to the State Assembly. Others will dream and try and lose, but Jose Solorio has proven he can do it. Some day Roman and Sal and Vince will all have grandkids who will attend Jose Solorio High School or will go to court int he Jose Solorio Court House.

    Thank you Mr. Solorio for your service to our community.

    We were are lucky to have him on the Rancho Board, even for a few months, before he moves on to the State Senate and eventually to Congess or even higher office.

    Si Se Puede!

  2. Job hopping, lots of people do it. And what is wrong with moving from a part time job that pays nothing to a full time job that pays a lot?

  3. I agree with Mr. Cook. Didn’t President Obama run for president not long after getting appointed to the Senate? Didn’t our great leader Lou Correa quit County Supervisor to run for State Assembly? These great leaders should run the offices they want to.

    1. It comes down to the voters really. And they like Jose. As do I. He is not perfect but then who is?

      Now Fiala running will be a real wild card, if he can get some press. He will certainly take votes away from Janet Nguyen, for which I am grateful.

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