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The Santa Ana City Council’s Public Safety Committee is meeting on Tuesday, July 26, and the meeting promises to be an interesting one.  The topics on the agenda, which is below, include discussion about a proposed C.U.P. (Conditional Use Permit) for the gay bar called the “Velvet Lounge,” which is supposed to open soon, and a Bail Bond Solicitation update (we wrote about that awhile ago – bail bondsmen are illegally soliciting for bails outside our jail, and most of these guys don’t even have businesses in town).

There will also be a protest at the meeting by a group that is advocating against DUI Checkpoints.  They are alleging that the SAPD is stealing cars driven by immigrants.  They are demanding that the City of Santa Ana stop targeting unlicensed drivers.  They say that safe drivers are denied the possibility of applying for drivers’ licenses and are routinely stripped of their vehicles at traffic stops. They want to see the leadership in Santa Ana end these practices.


July 26, 2011
5:30 P.M.
Santa Ana Police Department
60 Civic Center Plaza, Community Room
Santa Ana, California


Interim City Manager, City Attorney


1. Approval of Minutes – Meeting of May 24, 2011
2. C.U.P. for “The Velvet Lounge” – Jay Trevino
3. Bail Bond Solicitation Update – Assistant City Attorney Teresa Judd
4. 4th of July Activity Report – Chief Thomas
5. Impound Policy Update – Deputy Chief Carlos Rojas
6. GRIP Report – Detective Sergeant Lorenzo Carrillo
7. Public Comments
8. Committee Member Comments
9. Items for Next Meeting
10. Next Meeting Date – September 27 , 2011, 5:30 PM, Santa Ana Police Facility, 60 Civic Center Plaza, 4th
Floor Conference Room, Santa Ana, California

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The New Santa Ana blog has been covering news, events and politics in Santa Ana since 2009.

One thought on “Public Safety Committee to consider Velvet Lounge C.U.P. and bail bonds”
  1. Sure!

    They will give permit to “HOMOS” but not to straight normal people.(The Read Light District)

    The reverse discrimination.

    What Can you expect from Pulido, Alvarez and Tinahero trojka!.

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