Wed. Jun 12th, 2024

A new phone poll of voters in the 69th Assembly District, conducted by Democratic candidate Tom Daly’s campaign, shows that newcomers Julio Perez  and Francisco Barragan need to drop out now, or they are going to jeopardize the election of a Latino to represent this heavily Latino district, which is currently represented by Jose Solorio.

Here are the poll results (from the OC Political blog):

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4 thoughts on “Poll shows that Perez & Barragan should drop out of race for the 69th A.D.”
  1. Word on the street is that Perez gets it and will be out of the race by close of filing and endorsing Martinez. Barragan is still waiting to see what role he might play in future leadership before he rings the bell.

  2. I am sure your colleagues are skeptical about these polls becuase it doesn’t favor them.

    I work with a woman who CONSTANTLY skews information in an effort to further her carreer, in gross violation of journalistic standards…..but as she explains:

    “I’ve got a big house in Irvine to pay for” as if thats some cool thing. She is a PIG. Sell out.

    Polls are polls. the spin master who feed on them are the oatmeal. Speaking of Oatmeal………..

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