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Armando Antunez
Armando Antunez

Armando Antunez, a defendant in the Gang Injunction in Santa Ana’s Townsend Neighborhood has been shot by the SAPD, according to Santa Ana community activist Igmar Rodas.

The shooting has now been corroborated by the O.C. Register, which reported that “at about 6:15 p.m. Santa Ana police fired at a suspect in the 800 block of South Townsend Street.  A weapon was recovered at the shooting scene, but police didn’t immediately disclose how it related to the situation.”

Rodas also is claiming that those opposing the gang injunction are being targeted by the police however he offered no proof of this.

Townsend Neighborhood Crime Map
Townsend Neighborhood Crime Map, July 2 – August 2, 2015, courtesy of

Angel Arellano, a 17-year-old documented Townsend Street gang member, was shot on Christmas Eve, last year, as we reported.  He died from his injuries.  The SAPD offered a reward for tips about who shot him but no one was ever arrested.

The O.C. District Attorney cited Arellano’s death in a press release that stated that the recently-approved permanent injunction was in response to “decades of violent crimes committed by this gang and numerous residents pleading with law enforcement to eliminate the gang presence so that they no longer have to live in fear.”

The injunction against the Townsend Street gang sought by District Attorney Tony Rackauckas restricts the otherwise legal, everyday activities of the gang’s members in a .39-square-mile area dubbed a “safety zone,” that is bordered by McFadden Avenue, and Raitt, Sullivan and First streets, according to the Voice of OC.

Those enjoined would be prohibited from associating with gang members in public spaces within the safety zone, with the exception of certain spaces such as schools or churches.

The residents who are challenging the DA’s injunction say that they are not active participants in a gang.  But take a look at the crimes that have happened in their area in the past month.  Clearly things are out of control in the Townsend neighborhood.  Whether or not a gang injunction is the cure may be debatable.  What we do know is that gangs are the biggest problem in our city – not the police, who are severely undermanned.

If the police did shoot someone tonight I am looking forward to finding out what he did to put himself in that situation.

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4 thoughts on “Opponent of the Townsend Neighborhood gang injunction shot by the SAPD”
  1. Those who are against the gang injunction are nice for trying to change the world,but they don’t see that the some gang members are using them as a scapegoat to get away with their crimes. If I was a gang member and a gang injunction was proposed in my neighborhood with people who are against it, i’d be happy because i’ll just play the “i’m not a gang member” and have the community back me up to reduce my sentence. I’m not saying it applies to this case, though. There is not enough details known yet.

  2. Uh, McFadden, Raitt, and 1st St. are all East-West streets. Only Sullivan goes North-South. So, the gang injunction can´t really be between those four streets.

  3. Gang Injunctions WORK.

    If you are a blowhard fat white Jew lawyer from Brea, you will argue they are oppressive. But if you live in these areas it is like COMBAT. I am sorry Greg that Yesina has six kids from five dads, went to Valley HS TWENTY YEARS AGO but can’t string a sentence together in ENGLISH to get a receptionists job.
    It is not our fault that these women choose to raise KILLERS not CITIZENS.

    STOP THE GANGS. IMPRISON THE MOTHERS.. It worked in Columbia it can work here!

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