Fri. Dec 2nd, 2022

One of the rallying cries we have been hearing from the supporters of mayoral candidate Alfredo Amezcua is that the city of Santa Ana issued Alex Vega a permit prior to his protest in front of Amezcua’s office on Monday evening.  I just spoke with a high ranking source within city hall and they told me that no permit was issued because no permit was required.  They stated Vega had a “First Amendment right” to protest.

The issue of a permit was first raised by Amezcua confidente Dr. Art Lomeli in comments posted on this blog.  “I understand Alex Vega sought and recieved from the city of Santa Ana a permit to protest in front of Mr. Amezcua’s legal practice,” said Lomeli.  “The city gave a permit to a political soldier of the Mayor who’s purpose is to attack a resident and political challenger to the Mayor for the purpose to defame and damge the protest target’s ability to earn a living.”

Lomeli went on to infer that Chief Paul Walters, the Santa Ana Police Department and city staff were complicit in Vega’s attack on a political rival of Mayor Pulido.  This is simply not true and I believe that Dr. Lomeli and the Amezcua campaign owe the Chief and others an apology for implying this

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