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City of Santa Ana


SANTA ANA, CA (February 19, 2015) – With multiple award-winning restaurants, the City of Santa Ana has been recognized as a destination for food lovers and according to Forbes Magazine, as one of the Coolest Places in the Country to live. Now, the Mayor and City Council want to encourage residents to explore all the City has to offer in their new ‘Shop Local. Shop Santa Ana’ video.

Why Shop Local?

• Money spent in local businesses stays in our community
• Creates new jobs and supports local economy
• Improves our local services by keeping tax dollars at home
• Leverages our local artistic and culinary expertise
• Ensures our city continues to be a unique destination
• Is more environmentally friendly because you can walk and bike to shop

According to multiple studies, locally-owned businesses are more likely to recirculate your purchase dollars into payments to other local suppliers. Economists call this a “multiplier effect,” because it redirects more jobs and sales-tax revenue into our own community.

Remember Shop Local. Shop Santa Ana.


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2 thoughts on “Mayor and City Council urge residents to shop in Santa Ana”
  1. Why are they urging this now that the complexion of the downtown has changed? Why didn’t they step up to help 5 or 10 years ago? Where did all the shop owners at the 4th Street Market go?

  2. Slick video. Well done.

    Although I might have left out the part championing the resturaunt where a young Asian girl was kicked to death! But, hey, that’s what makes it Santana as they say!

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